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Trump Policy Harming Kenya, Uganda Health Services Img

Trump Policy Harming Kenya, Uganda Health Services

Early effects of U.S. restrictions to global health aid include cuts to essential health services in Kenya and Uganda, resulting in a loss of training and equipment and widespread confusion about implementation.

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Kenya Considers How PEPFAR Technical Guidance on MSM Squares With Laws Against Homosexuality

PEPFAR's recent release of its "Technical Guidance on Combination HIV Prevention" (.pdf) for men who have sex with men (MSM) "could force countries like Kenya who are strongly opposed to men having sex with men to backtrack," Nairobi Star/allAfrica.c...

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Critics Say Program Offering Money for Contraception to HIV-Positive Kenyan Women Is Illegal

IRIN/Plus News reports that "\t]he Kenyan government and rights groups have expressed outrage at [a project in western Kenya that is paying HIV-positive women to undergo long-term contraception." James Kamau of the Kenya Treatment Access Movement sa...

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Project Pays HIV-Positive Kenyan Women to Get IUD

The Nation examines how Project Prevention, a California-based organization that "made headlines for offering to pay [U.S.] women addicted to drugs $300 if they agreed to be sterilized, or ongoing payments as long as addicted women used long-term c...

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Kenya: False Gay Marriage Rumor Sparks Kenyan Riots

Unfounded rumors of an impending marriage between two men have sparked waves of violence in the coastal city of Mtwapa. In addition to numerous assaults and arrests of suspected homosexuals, the rioting saw the sacking of a medical facility serving H...

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Rights Group Asks Kenyan Government to Protect Rights During Home HIV Tests

In response to Kenya's plans to test four million people for HIV in their homes, the advocacy organization Human Rights Watch, "sent the Kenyan government a letter asking that it ensure that all those tested -- particularly children and teenagers -- ...

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Recent News Releases: CHAMP in Rwanda; GlaxoSmithKline HIV/AIDS Collaboration in Kenya; Ms. Foundation 10-Point Call to Action to Fight AIDS Among Women; NO/AIDS Virtual AIDS Walk

Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Program in Rwanda: The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief has chosen a consortium of organizations led by CHF International to implement CHAMP in Rwanda. The four-year, $40 million cooperative agreement will ...