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Gastrointestinal (Gut) Issues and HIV

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HIV-Related Pain Img

HIV-Related Pain

Table of Contents

Introduction What Causes Pain? Common Types of Pain Assessing Pain Pain Management What to Do if You Have Pain


Pain is common in people living with HIV (HIV+). One study found that more than half of women l...

Side Effects of HIV Drugs Img

Side Effects of HIV Drugs

Table of Contents

Side Effects and HIV Drugs Knowing About Side Effects Can Help Women and Side Effects More Common Side Effects More Serious Side Effects Other Possible Side Effects Side Effects or Toxicities During Pregnancy Taking C...

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Truvada and Isentress - 2nd round of PEP

I am a medical professional in my mid 20s with no PMH who experienced a needle stick in October 2016. After completing my PEP regimen of truvada and Isentress my 6 week HIV viral load was negative. Side effects felt during this time frame on the Med...

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side effects

hi the doctor prescribed 4 tribuss 4 a mnth as I was exposed 2 hiv bt my status is negative its only 4 a mnth nw its a week I ws usin da treatment my stomach is alwys empty even if I do eat it stays empty en nw im eat evry hour

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Alternative to Truvada?

Hello Dr. Keith: I've been positive for 5 years. Four of those, I've been on Atripla and have recently changed to Trivicay+Truvada due to sleeping and cognitive problems. Luckily those problems are gone, but I still have gastrointestinal problems, ma...

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Descovy + Tivicay

I switch from Genvoya to Descovy & Tivicay a little over a week ago and I have been extremely bloated for the last few days with headaches sometimes. Will these side effects get better eventually or is there something i can do or take to take away th...

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Switch from Atripla to Trivicay/Truvada.

Hello Dr. Keith: I'm writing due to the following situation: I'm 25YO and was diagnosed positive 5 years ago. I've been on Atripla in the last 4 years with some of the classical side effects, such as vivid dreams, insomnia, fatigue, difficulty to con...

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Losing My Grip

Hello Keith - I am a senior, and a long-term HIV survivor. At my annual visit to my proctologist he warned that my pelvic floor and anal muscles are becoming flaccid--probably (he surmised) from needing to spend an inordinate amount of time bedridden...

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Irritating pea bubble in the anus area

Hi Dr Henry, Over the last two or three weeks I have had a bubble appear in the anus area which is very irritating and uncomfortable. I read online that one of the reasons people get this is when they have to push to pass and amongst other reasons it...

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Pain under right rib

I have been positive for 10 years now. I have had different pills treatments over the years, around 4, lately I have been taking stribild and I have a dull pain under my right rib . Sometimes it wakes me up at night. I saw the other day somebody sent...