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FAQs About Fuzeon (Enfuvirtide)

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General Treatment | Starting/Stopping Treatment | Side Effects | Preparation | Biojector 2000

General Treatment

Is it possible to stay on Fuzeon and not become resistant? I have be...

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Profiles in Courage: Reverend Frederick Batiste

Table of Contents

Personal Bio Fred's Meds Self-Injections? "It's Easier Than Pills!" "I'm 51 Years Old, How Do You Like That!?"

Personal Bio

As a veteran, the Reverend Frederick Batiste of New Orleans had been prepared to fight battles. But...

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Rob From Los Angeles: A Fuzeon Veteran


This material was developed independently throug...

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Greg Braxton: A Long Journey to Recovery

With a 27-year history of drinking, using drugs and sleeping with hundreds of women, Greg Braxton's AIDS diagnosis in 1994 came as no surprise. He'd blown through a string of careers because of his addictions: steel mill worker, Chicago police offi...

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Beatriz Diaz: From Silence to Success

"Do you love yourself enough to take treatment on a daily basis? If you don't love yourself, you won't do it." This is what 49-year-old Beatriz Diaz says to people with HIV who are considering treatment. Beatriz is speaking from personal experience...

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Positive Empowerment: I Get Blessings, I Get Lesson

Just like anyone else, I have some bad days, but in general I'm like Tony the Tiger. I feel grrreat! That's no small feat considering that my last viral load was over 300,000 and my T-cell count was six. In fact, I haven't had more than 20 T-cells ...