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Companies Abandon Needle-Free Injection System for Fuzeon

Roche and Trimeris announced they are abandoning their efforts to gain FDA approval for a needle-free injection delivery system for their fusion inhibitor, Fuzeon (enfuvirtide, T20). Research and development of the Biojector 2000 system, which uses h...

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Chinese Company Is Developing New Drug Modeled After T-20; Aiming for 2006 Release

A Chinese pharmaceutical maker has developed a new HIV drug that aims to block the virus from entering cells, the China Daily reported today. FusoGen Pharmaceuticals is currently testing the drug, a fusion inhibitor, in clinical trials. Zhou Genfa, F...

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AIDS Drug's Promise and Price Collide

Thousands of kilos of the new AIDS drug Fuzeon (T-20) leave Roche Colorado's Boulder manufacturing plant each month, headed for clinics worldwide. But many AIDS patients with HIV resistant to older drugs go without T-20 because it is too expensive. T...

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Activists Protest Cost of New AIDS Drug

Following AIDS advocates' initial euphoria at a new drug approved to treat patients with advanced stages of the disease came their dismay at its expected annual price tag: $20,000.

"This is a bittersweet moment," said Daniel Montoya of AIDS Project ...

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New AIDS Drug Price Spurs Some Questions

The Food and Drug Administration is to decide by Sunday whether to approve Roche's new drug Fuzeon, used to treat drug-resistant HIV, for the US market. AIDS activists applaud Fuzeon's development, but said it will not do much good if patients cannot...

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Fuzeon (T-20), the First HIV Entry Inhibitor, Is Now FDA-Approved

The FDA approved licensing of Fuzeon on March 20, 2003. There remain, however, two major unanswered questions about this drug. The first is when Fuzeon should be used. The second is whether there are adequate supplies to meet the anticipated need for...