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What You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus and HIV

Our updated medical advice from HIV doctors and health experts on how to remain healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic if you're living with HIV in the U.S., including guidance on vaccines.

By Myles Helfand, Ginger Skinner and Mathew Rodriguez
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Lo Que Necesitas Saber Sobre el Nuevo Coronavirus y el VIH

En todo el mundo la principal preocupación sanitaria en este momento es el COVID-19. La enfermedad es causada por una nueva cepa de coronavirus reconocido como SARS-CoV-2.

By Mathew Rodriguez and David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.
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Being Trapped Sick in the House Is Making Me Think of the AIDS Days

"It’s a relief to have zero sex drive. It makes you realize that sex can be wildly fulfilling from time to time, but that we probably wouldn’t even bother having sex if the need to have it weren’t always nagging away at us."

By Tim Murphy
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News Analysis

Here's What's Gone Wrong With the U.S. Coronavirus Response—And What We Need to Do Next

“Social distancing alone won’t get us out of this, we’ll need a scale up of testing to start with, but we simply don’t have that capacity right now,” cautions HIV activist and scholar Gregg Gonsalves.

By Larry Buhl
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News Analysis

Debunking Junk Theories on the New Coronavirus, Including Its Nonexistent Link With HIV

Once again, a global pandemic becomes a hot spot for misinformation and conspiracy theories. Larry Buhl offers facts to counter some fear-mongering fictions.

By Larry Buhl
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AIDSWatch Will Go Virtual to Protect Participants From Coronavirus

This year, the U.S.’s largest lobbying event by and for people with HIV will hold its workshops and advocacy actions on live video, social media, and other online venues.

By Charles Sanchez
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Trump Puts Mike Pence in Charge of Coronavirus Response, Despite His Disastrous Record on Public Health

The former Indiana governor’s negligence paved the way for an HIV outbreak. Can we really trust him with this public health crisis?

By Martha Kempner
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People With HIV Take Note: This Year's Flu Strain Can Be Dangerous, Especially for Elders

This season's flu is considered "moderately severe" and is already "widespread" in 49 states. Making matters worse, the strain of flu circulating this year is considered one of the deadlier, especially for people over 65.

By Sony Salzman
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Should I Get a Flu Shot? Flu Vaccine Advice for People Living With HIV

If you’re living with HIV, you might have a lot of questions around your annual flu shot. We’ve got all your answers here.

By Olivia G. Ford
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Flu Season Approaches: What Do People With HIV Need to Know?

Flu seasons can be hard to predict and no one year is exactly like the last. What does the U.S. CDC say about the months ahead?

By Diane Domina