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Flu (Influenza), Colds, and HIV

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People With HIV Take Note: This Year's Flu Strain Can Be Dangerous, Especially for Elders

This season's flu is considered "moderately severe" and is already "widespread" in 49 states. Making matters worse, the strain of flu circulating this year is considered one of the deadlier, especially for people over 65.

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Should I Get a Flu Shot? Flu Vaccine Advice for People Living With HIV

If you’re living with HIV, you might have a lot of questions around your annual flu shot. We’ve got all your answers here.

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Flu Season Approaches: What Do People With HIV Need to Know?

Flu seasons can be hard to predict and no one year is exactly like the last. What does the U.S. CDC say about the months ahead?

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10 Under-the-Radar HIV Stories From 2014

There were many developments in HIV this year: some big, some small. While not all HIV research is groundbreaking, many results are noteworthy. They didn’t make many headlines, but here are 10 important stories about HIV this year that went under the r…

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Hepatitis B

Vaccinations and HIV

What Are Vaccinations? What's Different for People With HIV? Which Vaccinations Are Recommended? HIV-Positive Travelers

What Are Vaccinations?

Vaccinations, or immunizations, are treatments that build up your body's defenses against certain...

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Personal Stories

Getting Poked: An Annual Flu Shot and Living With HIV -- A Blog Entry by Ria Denise

"My plans were to get a shot at my next visit to my infectious disease doctor but during my last visit, I was informed that their supply had not arrived. I got sick right after that: nasty cough, no voice, achy, ya know, the usual symptoms."

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Flu Season: Resources for Your Health

People living with HIV/AIDS are considered at higher risk of complications from influenza, including hospitalizations for flu-related heart and lung problems. Although flu activity across the United States has remained low this year, according to Cen...

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People Living With HIV/AIDS Should Take Extra Precautions This Flu Season

Guest blog post from Housing Works' CEO and President Charles King

Dear Housing Works Clients and Staff,

On Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a flu emergency in New York State. This is in response to epidemic levels of flu across the nation ...

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Q&A: HIV/AIDS and the Flu

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). HIV kills or damages cells in the body's immune system, gradually destroying the body's ability to fight infection and certain cancers. CDC estima...

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FAQs About Flu Vaccines

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Who Should Get a Flu Shot? | Are Flu Shots Safe for People With HIV? | Flu Shots and HIV Testing | Avian FluSee also: FAQs About H1N1 (Swine) Flu Virus

Who Should Get a Flu Shot?

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