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I Wrote 'The Truth About the 7,000.' Now What?

Mark S. King's essay in POZ Magazine has struck a nerve, with massive views and shares on social media. So, how do we create "spaces where people can be candid about their own treatment challenges and look for solutions?"

By Mark S. King for

Black AIDS Institute Announces Founder Phill Wilson Retirement, New Initiatives

After 19 years at the helm of The Black AIDS Institute, president and CEO Phill Wilson says he will soon be stepping down from the role.

By Phill Wilson for The Black AIDS Institute

Gilead Will Help Fund the Fight Against HIV in Southern States. Is That a Mixed Blessing?

Big Pharma money can beef up public health efforts. But it can also distract from unchecked drug pricing -- and from government negligence.

By Tim Murphy

amfAR Chair Kenneth Cole Must Be Replaced. Here's Five Suggestions. A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) has been rocked by a scandal this year that involves shoe fashion maven Kenneth Cole, who serves as amfAR Board Chair, and amfAR major donor Harvey Weinstein. Mark S. King offers his suggestions for w...

By Mark S. King for

Texans With HIV Cope With Homes and Medicines Ruined by Hurricane Harvey

There are some 25,000 people with HIV and AIDS living in Houston and Harris County. It will take months to determine whether their viral loads were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

By Sarah Varney for Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

In Defense of Louise Hay

Dead this summer at 90, the New Age guru who ministered to people with AIDS in the plague's darkest years was often called a dangerous quack and a profiteer. To Sherri Lewis, though, she was an angel.

By Sherri Lewis

Community Health Centers Left High and Dry by Congressional Inaction

In the absence of a funding renewal from Congress, the more than 10,400 community health centers in the U.S. could lose up to 70 percent of their federal grant funding within a matter of months.

By AIDS United

With Planned Parenthood on Board, U=U HIV Campaign Hopes to Gain Steam

The national health care provider and advocacy group joins a community of international health experts in confirming what a groundswell of scientific evidence has shown: When a person's viral load is undetectable, HIV is untransmittable.

By Annamarya Scaccia

After Hurricane Harvey, Community Rises to Help Texans With HIV

Despite obstacles, the U.S. HIV community is mobilizing to help make sure people living with HIV who were impacted by the storm have access to antiretrovirals and basic everyday supplies.

By Annamarya Scaccia

Obtaining Medication in Guadalajara as a Temporary Resident

I have obtained my temporary residency card, am living in Ajijic, Mexico and have also received approval for Seguro Popular. Unfortunately, I am having a very difficult time obtaining the name of the HIV/AIDS hospital in Guadalajara that I am suppose...

By Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.