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Dedra Spears-Johnson and Juan DeCosta

Prince George's County Steps Out of D.C.'s Shadow to Address HIV

It may be suburbia, but Prince George's County HIV service providers are hard at work fighting poverty-related health risks and expanding sexual health education.

Atlanta Skyline with lake Lake Clara

Atlanta Can Do Better to Make Sure People With HIV Have Stable Housing

Local HIV advocate Lisa Britt shares her story of how the city's unspent HOPWA funding mess has impacted her family.

Jesús Guillén

Happy Fourth Birthday to Facebook's HIV Long Term Survivors Group! Here's a Chat With Its Founder

Diagnosed in 1985, Jesus Heberto Guillen Solis has created a digital community for 5,000 people living with HIV/AIDS ... and counting.

Small boy looking at giant staircase - facing obstacle concept

I Moved to Atlanta Four Months Ago, and Getting Into HIV Care Was Hell

Spoken word artist Michael "Miss Mikey" Lamb shares his saga of fighting for health coverage -- and why people fall through the cracks.

SAAF logo

Combating HIV in the Southwest: Keeping Arizonans 'SAAF'

You don't hear a lot about Arizona when it comes to HIV, but the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is busy combating HIV and providing HIV-related services and support in the Southwest.

Mark S. King

I Wrote 'The Truth About the 7,000.' Now What?

Mark S. King's essay in POZ Magazine has struck a nerve, with massive views and shares on social media. So, how do we create "spaces where people can be candid about their own treatment challenges and look for solutions?"

Donnall Walker, 52, returned home to find his HIV pills floating in floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey. He went 11 days without medication.

Texans With HIV Cope With Homes and Medicines Ruined by Hurricane Harvey

There are some 25,000 people with HIV and AIDS living in Houston and Harris County. It will take months to determine whether their viral loads were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Where Is the Vision for HIV Community Leadership in Tumultuous Times? Img

Where Is the Vision for HIV Community Leadership in Tumultuous Times?

"I am a gay man of color openly living with HIV," writes Andrew Spieldenner, Ph.D., chair of United States People Living With HIV Caucus, "and I no longer see a place for my kind of leadership in HIV agencies."

Nora Burns on _David's Friend_, Her One-Woman Show on AIDS, Love, Loss and Great Old Disco Img

Nora Burns on David's Friend, Her One-Woman Show on AIDS, Love, Loss and Great Old Disco

"I have been amazed at how many people who've come to see the show have responded to the idea that the 'PTSD is wearing off and there's a collective sense of mourning going on,'" Nora Burns says.