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With the House of Representatives Now in Democratic Hands, Here's What the Birddog Nation Activists Have Planned for Health Care in 2019

The activists have big plans for using their techniques to pressure the new Congress into inching toward universal health care in the years ahead.

By Tim Murphy

Watch These Universal Health Care Activists Disrupt Industry Execs at a New York Lunch

Advocates for single-payer health care in New York protested at a conference for executives from the state's various private insurers, which the New York Health Act (NYHA), the single-payer bill in question, would put out of business.

By Tim Murphy

What Do the Midterm Election Results Mean for Health Care and People Living With HIV?

Congress is divided, and all sorts of new possibilities are in play. What does it all mean for folks living with HIV, and for health care generally? We chatted with veteran activist Mark Hannay to find out.

By Tim Murphy

Despite Protections for People With HIV, Advocates Express Concern With State Medicaid Work and Reporting Waivers

The Trump administration's preconditions for Medicaid coverage are a major shift in how the program has functioned since its inception in 1965.

By Stephen Hicks

AIDS Drug Assistance Programs Must Navigate Costs and Needs of People With HIV

Virginia could possibly serve as a case study in developing innovative strategies to improve health care access in its use of an open "drug formulary."

By Stephen Hicks

In the Battle to Control Drug Costs, Old Patent Laws Get New Life

Patients' rights activists and health industry's big players are usually at odds with each other, but now they are championing similar tactics to tame prescription drug prices.

By Shefali Luthra for Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

The Trump Administration Doubles Down on Medicaid Work Requirements as Lawsuits Mount

Despite multiple lawsuits, the Trump administration's push for implementation of Medicaid work requirements continues to move forward.

By AIDS United

Why 'Housing First' Matters to People Living With HIV

Housing insecurity is a major barrier to accessing medical care for people living with HIV as well as a major driver of chaotic drug use.

By Tessie Castillo for AIDS United

Caterpillar Expands HIV PrEP Coverage Amidst Questions About Insurance Denials

Can a company be considered LGBTQ-friendly if its insurance policies ignore HIV-prevention trends?

By Ryan Lee

Medicaid Work Requirements Gain Momentum in the Midwest and South

Work requirement laws in state Medicaid programs, newly approved by the Trump Administration starting in January of this year, are some of Republicans' most blatant, and most contested, strategies to undermine health care for low-income Americans....

By AIDS United