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Trump's Justice Department Just Declared All-Out War on Obamacare. What Does It Mean?

We answer some key questions about the latest new effort to kill the Affordable Care Act, including what it means for people living with HIV and what can do to make a difference.

By Tim Murphy

What You Should Know About the House of Representatives' New "Medicare for All" Bill

Activist Mark Hannay explains what the bill means for people living with HIV and how it will shape the 2020 election debate.

By Tim Murphy

HIV Drug Prices Keep Rising. Why Is No One Talking About It?

In order to adequately address the HIV epidemic in the United States, two advocates argue that the high cost of antiretroviral drugs must be addressed.

By Christian Antonio Urrutia and James Krellenstein

What Do the Midterm Election Results Mean for Health Care and People Living With HIV?

Congress is divided, and all sorts of new possibilities are in play. What does it all mean for folks living with HIV, and for health care generally? We chatted with veteran activist Mark Hannay to find out.

By Tim Murphy

Caterpillar Expands HIV PrEP Coverage Amidst Questions About Insurance Denials

Can a company be considered LGBTQ-friendly if its insurance policies ignore HIV-prevention trends?

By Ryan Lee

Universal Health Care and Reducing HIV Incidence: What Does the Research Tell Us?

Research indicates that robust universal health coverage could contribute to reducing HIV incidence by improving access to proven tools for reducing transmission.

By Richard Jefferys for Treatment Action Group

Trump Is a Big Goddamn Phony When It Comes to Drug Pricing

It's not surprising that Trump lashed out at a black business leader, instead of violent racists, says Tim Murphy. But let's note the hypocrisy of that drug pricing jab -- and learn what we can do to actually lower drug costs.

By Tim Murphy

PrEP Is Becoming More Difficult to Access Through United Healthcare

As of July 1, United Healthcare will require prior authorization for PrEP for HIV prevention, and the use of their own mail-order pharmacy. This is complicated and confusing, says Benjamin Brooks.

By Benjamin Brooks

Wrangling Affordable Drug Pricing and HCV Elimination Under the New White House Administration

Trump's early tough talk on drug pricing is now a pro-industry, anti-regulation GOP dreamscape.

By Bryn Gay for Treatment Action Group

Despite Demise of Trumpcare, Planned Parenthood's HIV Services Remain at Risk

The Affordable Care Act might be safe for now, but Planned Parenthood isn't -- nor are the extensive HIV prevention and testing services it provides in areas that sorely need them.

By Annamarya Scaccia