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I Moved to Atlanta Four Months Ago, and Getting Into HIV Care Was Hell

Spoken word artist Michael "Miss Mikey" Lamb shares his saga of fighting for health coverage -- and why people fall through the cracks.

By Michael Lamb

With the House of Representatives Now in Democratic Hands, Here's What the Birddog Nation Activists Have Planned for Health Care in 2019

The activists have big plans for using their techniques to pressure the new Congress into inching toward universal health care in the years ahead.

By Tim Murphy

This Is Exactly How HIV Activists Disrupted Congress to Save Health Care

Jennifer Flynn and Jaron Benjamin talk about the sleep-deprived, adrenaline-charged madness of pulling together day after day of mass protests -- and about what they see as the real prize: universal health care.

By Tim Murphy

Why I Let D.C. Cops Drag My Body out of the Capitol

"Despite years working in HIV activism, it was my first 'real' arrest. It was finally time for me to practice civil disobedience to try to save American healthcare," writes activist Tim Murphy.

By Tim Murphy

Health Is a Human Right and I Am Not a Carrier! A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia

"Why don't you get educated Mr Trump?" Maria Mejia writes. "Not only are you stigmatizing us but you are gutting us and even cutting funds for research to find the HIV cure!"

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

How the Affordable Care Act Helped Evany

Affordable health care and HIV services have allowed Evany Turk to live a healthy and productive life.

By Joshua Oaks for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

Should People With HIV Stock Up on Meds in Fear of Health Care Cuts?

HIV advocates say don't panic -- you'll likely be fine. But there are still things you can think about and steps you can take.

By Tim Murphy

After Week One of a Trump Presidency, Facing Fears That My Son Will Have a Sick, Dying Mother: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"Keeping programs like the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion active and funded keeps [HIV-positive people] alive and working, not dying in some hospital bed," Brooke Davidoff writes.

By Brooke Davidoff

Next to -- or Better Than -- Normal

As someone living with HIV who depends on vital, threatened programs like ADAP, Jeff Tomlinson knows that his health care future is uncertain.

By AIDS Foundation of Chicago