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Enclosed by Disclosure: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

Should we disclose 100 percent of the time?

In the HIV community disclosure is a controversial topic right now. "Tell. Tell. Tell," they say. I feel before we can tell our status we must consider three things: Why am I telling, who am I telling and ...

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My Pretend Life Without HIV

My mother-in-law is visiting us this week. She's still active at 84, engaged in life, and accepts me completely as her son's longtime partner and a member of the family. So it's a shame she doesn't know the first thing about me.

That first thing is ...

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Do I Have Poz Pride? A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

I speak out every day about my HIV status. I tell a large number of people my story. I want them to know my name and of my many experiences. Some people thank me. Others despise my exposure. They tell me it's no one's business but my own, what I have...

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Justin B. Smith on Being Public About Living With HIV: A Video Blog Entry by Justin B. Terry-Smith

My name is Justin B. Smith. I'm the writer and producer of Justin's HIV Journal and this is the first time I've written for I'm so very happy to be here to be able to talk with all of you guys and I hope to be writing here a lot.

A coup...

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You Gotta Have Friends: A Video Blog Entry by Mark S. King

Thirty years ago I was a skinny college freshman at the University of New Orleans who had no idea that a fellow student would become a brother to me. Charles was the first friend I told when I tested HIV positive. The value of his friendship was some...

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Bisexuality, Lies and HIV: The Pain and Necessity of Disclosure -- and Acceptance

I hadn't had sex with a woman in several years. I was attracted to Angela (not her real name) the first time that I saw her and she knew it. But at first, neither of us entertained it. We would flirt with each other from time to time. We would writ...

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Talking About Your Status: One Woman's Decision to Disclose

Disclosure, a hot topic. Do we tell, when do we tell, how do we tell and whom do we tell? Well, here is something anyone who is HIV-positive should know: Every state in the U.S. has generic criminal statutes that could apply to conduct that exposes o...

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"I Still"

I still ... miss you even if you don't miss me. think of you even if you don't think of me. wonder whether you were really my special friend or just another man playing pretend?

I won't believe that it was a lie, that all the love, passion, lust, ...

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"By the Way, I'm Poz"

How do you tell someone that you are dating that you are HIV-positive? It's not an easy thing to do, by any standard. I've discovered that the longer one waits to disclose their status, the harder it becomes. No one wants to be judged on and discarde...

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Disclosing HIV in the Workplace

Disclosing one's HIV status in the workplace is a complex and emotional issue, with many different variables to consider. I've made the decision to share my HIV-positive status with my co-workers and I've been rewarded handsomely for it. It's not a...