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What Being Diagnosed With HIV During LGBTQ Pride Month Taught Me About Resilience

Christopher Kennedy tells his story of being diagnosed with HIV, fighting shame in the face of loved ones' confusion, and finding unexpected love.

By Christopher Kennedy

I Found Love (and Love of Self) After HIV, and You Can Too

In his first time writing publicly about his HIV status, Aaron Anderson details how he learned to love after being diagnosed with HIV.

By Aaron Anderson

As a Woman With HIV, I Make My Sex Partners Sign a Disclosure Contract: Here's Why

"My contracts were created not out of my own preferences but birthed from ignorant prejudice, old-school rhetoric, and criminal laws that I've needed to navigate while living with HIV," Tiffany Marrero writes.

By Tiffany Marrero

Disclosing One's HIV Status Is Still Hard, Even for People Who Work in HIV

"As people with HIV, we're always making and remaking this decision around disclosure."

By Tim Murphy

'Someone I Love Has HIV'

Kierra Hines reflects on the day her mother "built up the strength and courage to finally tell me that she was HIV positive."

By Kierra Hines for HIVE

Dating and Disclosure

"I tell myself that those who do not want to be a part of my life because of my status are not people I want in my life to begin with," Nestor Rogel writes.

By Nestor Rogel for HIVE

In the Loaded Act of HIV Disclosure, Violence Is Often Unspoken: A Blog Entry by Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad

Discussing disclosure without considering stigma and how criminalization weaponizes HIV status is like pulling leaves off a plant rather than truly uprooting it, writes Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad.

By Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad

Love Is Not Defined by Your Status

"When they gave me the news, I was in shock, the word 'positive' was the last thing I was expecting."

By Bubu's Ex for HIVE

Disclosure and Stigma

Steven Williams writes about deciding the right time to tell his daughter about his HIV status and how he became HIV positive.

By Steven Williams for HIVE

Disclosing to My Son

"Disclosing with my son was kind of like I was backed into a corner, because he was about to find out from Google whether I was ready or not," Deon writes.

By Deon for HIVE