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Worried About Disclosing Your HIV Status During the Holidays? Here's My Advice

Tim Hinkhouse provides his thoughts on telling others you are living with HIV and writes about how he told his mother.

By Tim Hinkhouse

Talking With Your Children About Your HIV Status or Your Children's Status

"Remember what you already know about your family: how your children learn new information, what your children may already know about HIV, and what feels most supportive to your family," the Well Project advises. "While there may not be an exact best...

By The Well Project

As a Woman With HIV, I Make My Sex Partners Sign a Disclosure Contract: Here's Why

"My contracts were created not out of my own preferences but birthed from ignorant prejudice, old-school rhetoric, and criminal laws that I've needed to navigate while living with HIV," Tiffany Marrero writes.

By Tiffany Marrero

Would a Disclosure Contract With My Sex Partners Protect Me From HIV Criminalization?

TheBody's expert on HIV-related legal issues, Ronda Goldfein, explains how disclosure contracts are a way to try to reduce the risk of prosecution.

By JD Davids

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and Grindr: Frank Pasquale Talks About Big Data and HIV Disclosure

Recent scandals involving social media platforms have raised a lot of questions about privacy and the unintended consequences for people with HIV.

By Kenyon Farrow

Disclosure and HIV

"Sharing your HIV status can help with the stresses of living with HIV. But whom to tell and how to tell them can be complicated and difficult decisions, the Well Project writes." Use this overview to help you consider how best to move forward.

By The Well Project

I Watched a Young Man Like Me Die From AIDS -- in 2017 America

"It's so important for us to have these conversations with our families and loved ones, even if they're difficult and scary."

By Justin A. Lofton

Want to Know Your Casual Sex Partner's HIV Status? Just Ask

"Why should it be the responsibility of only one individual engaging in sex to speak up, solely because they are HIV-positive?" asks David Duran. "If you gasped at that question, it's totally understandable, but take a moment to think more about it."...

By David Durán

Dating and Disclosure

"I tell myself that those who do not want to be a part of my life because of my status are not people I want in my life to begin with," Nestor Rogel writes.

By Nestor Rogel for HIVE

To Speak or Not to Speak: HIV Stigma and the Consequences of Silence

Bringing up the topic of HIV has the potential to exacerbate or alleviate HIV stigma, depending on the intentions of the communicator and how the other party receives it.

By David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H. for Positively Aware