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Pennsylvania: Dental Students Expand Outreach Programs for HIV Patients

This article was reported by Penn Current.

Penn Current reported that dental students and faculty have teamed up with Philadelphia FIGHT, the city's largest AIDS advocacy and services organization, to provide much needed dental care to persons with ...

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University of Maryland Clinic Offers Compassionate Dental Care to HIV/AIDS Patients

This article was reported by The Baltimore Sun.

The Baltimore Sun reported on the continuing supportive efforts of the PLUS Clinic at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. After the death of his regular dentist, a local HIV-positive patien...

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Why Your Dentist Needs to Know About Your Facial Fillers

In the early 2000s, facial wasting -- the loss of the fatty layer just under the skin on the face, particularly in the cheeks -- was a real concern for people with HIV on anti-HIV therapy. With its signature sunken cheeks and resulting gaunt appearan...

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California: HIV Dental Care Expanding

Area health officials are making it easier for under- and uninsured Riverside County HIV/AIDS patients to access dental services. Thanks to an agreement between Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the Riverside County Public Health Department's de...