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New Developments in HIV Eradication: A Blog Entry by Gary Bell

One of the most persistent myths about the HIV epidemic is that the government (or the other perceived villain-pharmaceutical companies) have discovered a cure but that, for whatever reasons, have not made it available. This reasoning fails to take i...

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Is There a Line in the Health Care Reform That Promises a Cure for AIDS? A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

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Have you seen my cure?

"Do not go gentle into that good night," wrote Dylan Thomas. That seems to be the prevailing subtext of the 2010 HIV Research Catalyst Forum. From April 20th until April...

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The First Man to Be Cured of AIDS: An Update on the Amazing Story -- This Month in HIV

\Editor's Note: Since we conducted and posted this interview in 2009, there have been many developments in the story of Timothy Ray Brown, formerly known only as the "Berlin patient." In addition to this article, we encourage you to read "[Tentativ...

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Future Studies Needed to Determine If "Test and Treat" Approach Could "End HIV Pandemic Within 50 Years," Researchers Say

In a Journal of the American Medical Association commentary piece, Anthony Fauci and Carl Dieffenbach of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explore results from a WHO mathematical model study that found universal, voluntary, an...

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Who Is Looking for the Cure for AIDS?

Martin Delaney was a pioneering AIDS activist who believed that knowledge was strength and that hope was an essential ingredient in the fight against HIV. In that spirit he founded San Francisco's Project Inform in 1985 and dedicated his life to obta...

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A Common Blood Product Called IVIG May Help Clear the HIV Reservoir

During an oral presentation at CROI 2009 in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Magnus Gisslen detailed early findings from a small proof-of-concept study using high-dose intravenous (in the vein) immunoglobulin (IVIG) to reduce the amount of HIV found in cells wh...

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Thoughts on the Berlin Patient and a Cure for HIV/AIDS

Nearly everyone in the HIV community has been talking about last week's big news: A man in Germany whose HIV viral load has remained undetectable for two years following a bone marrow transplant even though he hasn't taken a single HIV med since the ...

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Cure for HIV?

Once again we are hearing about efforts to eradicate HIV, at least in some people. These efforts are being made, not by marginal actors, but by some of the country's top doctors, such as Anthony Fauci, M.D., longtime director of many HIV research eff...

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Host Factors in the Pathogenesis of HIV Disease

Dr. Fauci discussed basic principles of HIV eradication theory and listed the limitations of current therapeutic options. In particular, he described the importance of latently infected CD4 lymphocytes that have replication competent proviral DNA tha...

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HIV Pathogenesis: Can This Disease Be Cured?

Dr. John Coffin, from Tufts University Medical School, began the discussion of HIV pathogenesis by pointing out that a great deal of viral evolution, with multiple generations of virus, takes place during what was once called the "latency period." St...