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Important HIV Cure Survey -- Calling All Women Living With HIV in the U.S. to Participate!

"Many HIV cure studies so far have only had men participating, and it is important that women let researchers know our thoughts and needs as well," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Opportunity to Participate in a Survey on HIV Cure Research

The Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC and Project Inform would like to find out what people living with HIV in the U.S. who might one day decide to join a study think about HIV cure research.

By Project Inform

HIV/AIDS Cure: The Basics

What does the term "AIDS cure" mean? What types of cure strategies are being investigated today? This fact sheet provides basic information on HIV cure research.

By AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention

What Does a Cure Mean to You? Four Individuals Share Their Hopes and Fears

A mother of two, an infectious diseases physician, a 71-year-old gay man, and an African-American minister chime in on the conversation around the search for an HIV cure.

By Jian Huang for Positively Aware

Treatment Interruption: A Risky but Essential Step in Cure Research

If there is ever to be an HIV cure, first there must be people who are willing to interrupt their antiretroviral therapy. It's a risky maneuver, but utterly essential to test whether an experimental intervention is effective.

By Josh Tager and David Evans for Positively Aware

Would You Go Off Your HIV Meds for a Cure Study?

How long would you be willing to go off your meds for a cure study? A week? A month? Until your viral load becomes detectable?

By Tim Murphy

Case of HIV Remission in South African Child

After very early antiretroviral therapy during infancy, a HIV-positive child in South Africa has been able to control the virus without any meds for eight and a half years, according to a study presented at IAS 2017.

By Warren Tong

Real or Not? HIV Cure in Animals Using CRISPR Gene Editing

You may have heard about the "HIV cure with gene editing in animals" story. Here's some help making sense of the story, including what's true or not, and what to get excited about.

By Warren Tong

'Infuriating': People With HIV, Doctors, Advocates Speak Out on Bad 'HIV Cure' Reporting

People with HIV and those who love and work with them are yearning for more informed public discussion about HIV. And then, there's those days when everyone starts contacting us about misleading stories of an HIV cure.

By JD Davids

No Proof of New HIV Cure, Despite Headlines -- Here's What We Know

Stories of an HIV cure in the news suggest that a British man took an experimental treatment and now scientists cannot find a trace of HIV in his body. Not so fast. Here's what really happened.

By Roger Pebody