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Abacavir vs. Indinavir in Therapy-Naive People (CNA3014)

Preliminary 24-week data was presented of an ongoing trial comparing abacavir to indinavir (taken three times a day). Both regimens include Combivir (zidovudine + 3TC). The 342 treatment-naive people in this trial had viral loads above 5,000 copies, ...

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Co-Administration of Indinavir 1,200 mg (IDV) and Nelfinavir (NFV) 1,250 mg in a Twice Daily Regimen: Preliminary Safety, Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Anti-Viral Activity

Based on previous efficacy data on other dual protease inhibitor combinations, this study combining the use of IDV with NFV was undertaken to determine the PK and antiviral activity of the combination that allows for favorable twice daily dosing of I...

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Antiviral Activity and Acceptance of Two Different Triple Combinations

d4T + Indinavir + 3TC Vs d4T + Indinavir + ddI

In this study by a Spanish research group led by N. Villalba, 96 AZT-experienced patients with fewer than 350 CD4 cells/mm3 received standard doses of the nucleoside analog d4T in combination with the p...

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Foods You Can Eat When You Take Crixivan

When Crixivan® (indinavir) was first approved by the F.D.A., individuals who took this potent inhibitor of HIV protease were told to take it two hours after -- and one hour before -- eating a meal. This restriction was imposed because foods, especial...

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Hey! You CAN Eat With Crixivan

According to Merck (the company who makes the stuff), you can take Crixivan with certain foods. We found this out thanks to Liv, a wonderful colleague of ours. Glad they finally told us.

It's best to take Crixivan on an empty stomach. The emptier yo...

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The New Body of AIDS: Crixivan Bellies, Legs and Humps

Forget the new face of aids, let's talk about the new body of AIDS! And... it is not a pretty one. Some patients taking protease inhibitors have experienced an increase in T-cells and a very desirable decrease in viral load. But some other bizarre ch...