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Crixivan (Indinavir)

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An Overview of Crixivan (Indinavir) Img

An Overview of Crixivan (Indinavir)

Brand Name: Crixivan Other Name(s): IDV, indinavir sulfate Drug Class: Protease Inhibitors

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Indinavir (Crixivan)

What Is Indinavir? Who Should Take It? What About Drug Resistance? How Is It Taken? What Are the Side Effects? How Does It React With Other Drugs?

What Is Indinavir?

Indinavir is a drug used as part of antiretroviral therapy (ART). It i...

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Brand name: Crixivan

Generic name: indinavir sulfate (indinavir), or IDV

Class: Protease inhibitor (PI)

Manufacturer: Merck and Co.,, (800) 850-3430

AWP: $548.12/month for 180 400 mg capsules

Standard Dose: STANDARD DOSE: Rarely us...

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Crixivan (Indinavir)

Crixivan 400-mg capsules are semi-translucent white capsules coded with "CRIXIVANTM 400 mg" in green. Other dose formulations of Crixivan are available. Dosing may vary.

Background and Description Dose Food Restrictions Storage Patient Assis...

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The New Body of AIDS: Crixivan Bellies, Legs and Humps

Forget the new face of aids, let's talk about the new body of AIDS! And... it is not a pretty one. Some patients taking protease inhibitors have experienced an increase in T-cells and a very desirable decrease in viral load. But some other bizarre ch...

By Luciana McCabe for Women Alive