Conceiving and Having a Baby

Can I Breastfeed While Living With HIV? An Overview of Infant Feeding Options

For those who may want to explore breastfeeding as an option, the information available to mothers living with HIV can be confusing.

By The Well Project

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HIV Treatment as Prevention (TasP)

The Well Project sums up treatment as prevention (or TasP), which refers to the ways in which we can use HIV drugs, or HIV treatment, to lower the risk of HIV transmission.

By The Well Project

Malaysia Eliminates Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis

Malaysia has been certified by the World Health Organization as having eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, the first country in the Western Pacific Region to achieve this milestone.

By World Health Organization

Newborn Syphilis Cases More Than Double in Four Years, Reaching 20-Year High

Cases of congenital syphilis more than doubled in the U.S. since 2013, outpacing overall increases in STDs nationwide.

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Q&A on Dolutegravir Use in Women of Childbearing Age

Questions and answers on potential risk of neural tube defects in infants born to women who were taking dolutegravir (DTG) at the time of conception.

By World Health Organization

HIV From Multiple Negative Partners ?

Dear Sir, My question to you is that can HIV be infected by having sex with multiple partners but there status is negative?? One more question is that my doctor told me once that I would infected if the women with whom I had sex with has 3 childrens ...

By Damon L. Jacobs, L.M.F.T.

HIV Medicines During Pregnancy and Childbirth

Key PointsAll pregnant women with HIV should take HIV medicines to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and to protect their own health.Most HIV medicines are safe to use during pregnancy. In general, HIV medicines don't increase the risk of...

By AIDSinfo

Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV After Birth

Key PointsFor 4 to 6 weeks after birth, babies born to women with HIV receive an HIV medicine called zidovudine (brand name: Retrovir). The HIV medicine protects the babies from infection with any HIV that passed from mother to child during childbi...

By AIDSinfo

My Miscarriage: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

Brooke Davidoff shares this deeply personal, graphically descriptive summary of her recent miscarriage.

By Brooke Davidoff

Exploring the Possible Dangers of HIV and Zika Coinfection Among Pregnant Women and Newborn Children

In response to the Zika epidemic, the National Institutes for Health (NIH) has launched a study to shed light on how coinfection with HIV and Zika impact maternal and fetal health.

By Sony Salzman

The 21st Century Reproductive Revolution: The Fatherly Desires of HIV-Positive Men

"I would have loved to have been a dad someday, but then, I was diagnosed with HIV," is an all-too-common statement shared by men living with HIV, but times are changing, writes Josh Middleton.

By Josh Middleton