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Women and AIDS Update

The following are selected treatment briefs from the 6th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. While these studies are of special interest to women, they do not exhaustively cover all the gender-specific information presented at th...

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HIV-Related Cancers: Emerging Trends and Management Issues

Dr. Alexandra Levine, from the University of Southern California, gave a comprehensive overview of HIV-related malignancies, including Kaposi's sarcoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and anogenital cancers.

Kaposi's sarcoma

The evidence is now quite conv...

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AIDS Treatment News January 17, 1997


1997 Outlook Nelfinavir: Agouron Announces Expanded Access for Children, a Major New Trial, and Enlarged Expanded Access for Adults Retroviruses Conference: Where to Find Reporting on the Internet Medical Marijuana: Unpublished Feder...

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Profiles on New Drugs


Indinavir Ritonavir Saquinavir Lamivudine (3TC) Amphotericin B Lipid Complex Liposomal Daunorubicin

IndinavirTrade name: Crixivan (Merck Research Laboratories)Form: 100, 200 and 400 mg capsules.Clinical trials: Phase I/II trials sho...

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ACTG Oncology Committee Finds New Home at National Cancer Institute, But Funding Is Woefully Inadequate

After eight, long, hard years of work with the ACTG and Division of AIDS (DAIDS), the Oncology Committee was finally pushed out during the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG)'s recent recompetition. They have been told that no new Kaposi's sarcoma (KS)...

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New Anti-HIV Vaccine and KS Trials at the National Cancer Institute

The Adult Clinical AIDS Program in the National Cancer Institute is presently recruiting for the following clinical trials for HIV infection and Kaposi's sarcoma (KS). Dr. Robert Yarchoan is the Principal Investigator for these trials:

Protocols for...

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KS Report From Yokohama

Per usual, AIDS related malignancies were the ugly step-sister of the X International Conference on AIDS, with only one formal session and a handful of posters dedicated to KS and AIDS-associated non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. There were, however, some inte...

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The KS Project Report

TAG's Michael Marco and APLA's Marty Majchrowicz debuted their joint collaboration, "The KS Project Report: Current Issues in Research and Treatment of Kaposi's Sarcoma," at the X International Conference in Yokohama before the otherwise listless pre...

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KS Proves Formidable Foe

Michael Marco recently returned from a transcontinental tour of KS research laboratories. While his official report is not due out for another week or so, he was kind enough to forward a rough copy of his travelogue for excerption here in TAGline.