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Why I Wiped HIV Off My Face Img

Why I Wiped HIV Off My Face

Even as a proud long-term HIV survivor, Mark S. King didn't like how facial wasting stripped away his choice of when to disclose his status. These videos chronicle his success with facial wasting treatments.

After 17 Years on HIV Meds, It's Still Hard to Gain Weight Img

After 17 Years on HIV Meds, It's Still Hard to Gain Weight

Have meds ever caused you to lose weight? As Jim Delaney writes in this piece, "I am still here and that is what counts."

The Mirror Has Two Faces: A Personal Account of Using Facial Filler for Lipoatrophy Img

The Mirror Has Two Faces: A Personal Account of Using Facial Filler for Lipoatrophy

Jeff Berry, the editor of Positively Aware, recently decided to give the facial filler treatment Sculptra a second shot, 11 years after a "discount" Sculptra treatment yielded unsatisfying results. Check out his blow-by-blow recap of the experience...

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A Decade of Positive Faces: Jake Peters

How would you describe your health?


Are you experiencing any specific issues around HIV or your treatment?

The HIV is under control.

In your cover story for The Positive Side in 2003, you were dealing with some intense symptoms of lipodystr...

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A Facial Wasting Update: A Video Blog Entry by Mark S. King

Hello my friends,

There was a lot of interest in my earlier video blog "Treating My Facial Wasting," so I wanted to give you an update by taking you along on my third visit to Dr. Gerald Pierone.

The earlier blog covered my personal issues dealing ...

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Body Shape Changes Dramatically Impact the Self-Esteem of HIV-Positive People

Hi there! This is Bonnie Goldman, editorial director of

Today we're going to take a look at body shape changes, an ongoing problem for many people living with HIV. These changes are sometimes known as lipodystrophy, lipoatrophy or lipoh...

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The Pain and Glory of Getting New Cheeks: Mark King's Video Blog

I've lived with HIV for more than 25 years and I'm grateful for that. But my face belies my good fortune. I've begun developing "the look" of a long-term survivor -- the telltale troughs in my face (facial lipoatrophy) that bear witness to my history...

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Opinion: About Face

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Live With LipoatrophyBy Jeff BerryI'll never forget the first time it happened. A few years ago my partner Stephen and I were shopping for furniture at Crate & Barrel. After being waited on by an unhelpful sales...

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First Person: John

Let's make this as personal as you can. Can you talk about when you first found out you had lipoatrophy, what your feelings were, and how you noticed and diagnosed it. Being a doctor probably gives you an added perspective on what was going on.I can ...

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Facing Up to It: Bio-Alcamid as a Facial Filler to Treat Lipoatrophy

Matt SharpAfter getting double takes in the supermarket, Chicago HIV treatment educator Matt Sharp decided to do something to change his face. In this detailed report, Matt recounts his trip to Tijuana, Mexico where he received injections of Bio-Alca...