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Nelson Vergel Interviews Two Leading Facial Lipoatrophy Experts

Watch these videos as Nelson interviews two leading experts on facial lipoatrophy reconstructive procedures to update us on the latest advances in that field.

By JD Davids

Physical Effects of HIV-Associated Wasting Persist Long After Diagnosis

Researchers found that HIV-related wasting affected men's physical strength and quality of life long after their wasting diagnosis, though their mental quality of life was higher than that of HIV-negative men.

By Barbara Jungwirth

Extensive Coverage of the 2nd International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy (ADRL 2000)

<#insert elements/confs/leftnavconfs.html#>The Body Covers:The 2nd International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and LipodystrophyToronto, CanadaSeptember 13-15, 2000Conference SummariesRelated Articles and ReportsPablo Tebas, M.D.Recent yea...

The Mirror Has Two Faces: A Personal Account of Using Facial Filler for Lipoatrophy

Jeff Berry, the editor of Positively Aware, recently decided to give the facial filler treatment Sculptra a second shot, 11 years after a "discount" Sculptra treatment yielded unsatisfying results. Check out his blow-by-blow recap of the experience...

By Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

Why Your Dentist Needs to Know About Your Facial Fillers

In the early 2000s, facial wasting -- the loss of the fatty layer just under the skin on the face, particularly in the cheeks -- was a real concern for people with HIV on anti-HIV therapy. With its signature sunken cheeks and resulting gaunt appearan...

By Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Treating HIV-Associated Weight Loss and Wasting

Fat redistribution syndrome was not the only topic at this conference. A variety of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions are useful in patients with HIV-associated weight loss and wasting. Dr. Mary Romeyn from San Francisco reported a stu...

By Alvan E. Fisher, M.D.

HAART, Dyslipidemia, and Hyperglycemia

HAART has been associated with the frequent appearance of dyslipidemia -- elevated total and LDL cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol, elevated triglycerides -- as well as hyperglycemia leading to diabetes. Dr. Morris Shambelan from San Francisco s...

By Alvan E. Fisher, M.D.

Quantifying Abnormalities Associated with Fat Redistribution Syndrome

Many reports attempted to quantify the types of abnormalities associated with fat redistribution syndrome. Dr. Norma Muurahainen of Serono Laboratories reported on a preliminary analysis of a detailed self-assessment questionnaire performed by 208 pa...

By Alvan E. Fisher, M.D.

Growth Hormone (rhGH) and Fat Redistribution Syndrome

Several papers concerning growth hormone (rhGH) and fat redistribution syndrome were reported. Dr. Christine Wanke from Boston reported on improvement in fat redistribution syndrome in 10 patients treated with rhGH in an ongoing 12 week study. All su...

By Alvan E. Fisher, M.D.

Treating Fat Redistribution Syndrome

Various treatments of fat redistribution syndrome-associated lipid disorders have been reported. A study from Paris showed moderate improvement in hypertriglyceridemia with dietary intervention comparable to that recommended for non-HIV associated hy...

By Alvan E. Fisher, M.D.