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Aptivus (Tipranavir)

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An Overview of Aptivus (Tipranavir) Img

An Overview of Aptivus (Tipranavir)

Brand Name: Aptivus Other Name(s): Tipranavir, TPV Drug Class: Protease Inhibitors

Tipranavir (Aptivus)

What Is Tipranavir? Who Should Take It? What About Drug Resistance? How Is It Taken? What Are the Side Effects? How Does It React With Other Drugs? What Is Tipranavir? Tipranavir is a drug used as part of antiretroviral therapy (ART). I...


Brand name: Aptivus Generic name: tipranavir, or TPV Class: Protease inhibitor (PI) Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim,, (800) 542-6257 AWP: $1,420.09/month; $419.84 for 95 mL bottle of solution Standard Dose: Two 250 mg capsules...

Aptivus (Tipranavir): An In-Depth Look

(In the Fall of 2003, ACRIA Update's "Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!" issue gave an overview of all the FDA-approved HIV drugs. Since that issue, one new HIV drug has been approved. We present it here for those wishing to add it to that issue, which is avail...