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Behind The Government's Lawsuit Over Gilead's Alleged PrEP Patent Infringement.

A report on the research and activist work that led to the federal government taking nearly unprecedented action against the pharmaceutical company.

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HAART, Dyslipidemia, and Hyperglycemia

HAART has been associated with the frequent appearance of dyslipidemia -- elevated total and LDL cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol, elevated triglycerides -- as well as hyperglycemia leading to diabetes. Dr. Morris Shambelan from San Francisco s...

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Quantifying Abnormalities Associated with Fat Redistribution Syndrome

Many reports attempted to quantify the types of abnormalities associated with fat redistribution syndrome. Dr. Norma Muurahainen of Serono Laboratories reported on a preliminary analysis of a detailed self-assessment questionnaire performed by 208 pa...

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Growth Hormone (rhGH) and Fat Redistribution Syndrome

Several papers concerning growth hormone (rhGH) and fat redistribution syndrome were reported. Dr. Christine Wanke from Boston reported on improvement in fat redistribution syndrome in 10 patients treated with rhGH in an ongoing 12 week study. All su...

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Treating Fat Redistribution Syndrome

Various treatments of fat redistribution syndrome-associated lipid disorders have been reported. A study from Paris showed moderate improvement in hypertriglyceridemia with dietary intervention comparable to that recommended for non-HIV associated hy...

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News Flash!! Once-a-Day Triple NRTI Warning

Gilead Sciences, Inc., the manufacturer of the anti-HIV medication Tenofovir (Viread) today issued a "Dear Health Care Professional" letter (click here to view) describing high rates of virologic failure in patients treated with a "once-a-day" triple...

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Double Protease Inhibitor Combinations

Abstract I-202. Safety and efficacy of a combination of ritonavir and saquinavir added to AZT + 3TC in HIV-infected patients. ANRS 069 Abstract I-203. A pilot study of saquinavir in combination with ritonavir and d4T in patients with advanced HIV...

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Patient Adherence With Twice-Daily Dosing of Nelfinavir Equivalent to NNRTIs When Given in Combination With Dual NRTIs

Patient adherence with twice-daily dosing of nelfinavir (NLF) equivalent to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTI) when given in combination with dual nucleoside analogues (NRTI) (Poster, ThPeB4991) Authored by A. Luber, J. Mul...

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Sustained Virologic Suppression in Subjects Switched From Protease Inhibitors to Nevirapine

Sustained virologic suppression in subjects switched from protease inhibitors (PIS) to nevirapine (NVP) (Poster, WePeB4198) Authored by G. Cotton (United Kingdom)

One of the concerns about switching from protease inhibitors to NNRTIs has been ...

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What's This About P-Glycoprotein?

A little over a year ago researchers began describing something that sounded more like science fiction than science. A sinister sounding mechanism in human cells was found to actually suck the revolutionary class of anti-HIV drugs, the protease inhib...