Anemia, Fatigue, and HIV

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Using Lessons From HIV Activism, People With 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' Fight for the #MillionsMissing

The onset of mysterious, severe symptoms led Terri Wilder to a diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), or chronic fatigue syndrome. Using lessons learned from her years of HIV activism, Wilder promotes ME awareness against indifference and bias....

By Olivia G. Ford


How to u avoid insomnia side effect when taking triumeq

By Benjamin Young, M.D., Ph.D.

Can I change the medication again to which one

I was put on Stalanevi and Nervirapine in 2004 when I tested positive and my CD4 was 207.I was checnged to Tenofovir and Nevirapine3yrs later until this year six months when I started complaining of skin itchness without rush to Teevir. The itchness ...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Complera and Insomnia

I am taking Complera for a year (no previous treatment) and have had insomnia for most of that time. I am looking into other causes of the insomnia but in case it is down to the Complera can you suggest an alternative ARV which is a single dose table...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

10 Words or Less

I have been having mood swing since I started in June, I want to know the best time to take cos I'm also hypertensive.

By Keith Henry, M.D.

can'T sleep.

I can'T sleep since I resumed taking my long is this sleeplessness supposed to last.

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Decreases effort tolerance and sob

Is it normal to have decreased effort tolerance and shortness of breath about 2 weeks after starting trixazole and odimune?

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Viraday and high anxiety

Hello Dr. hope you can help me out. I was diagnosed in march with Vl 562345 and cd4 286. I started treatment on viraday and the last test done was beginning august with a drop of vl to 97 and an increase of cd4 to 622. Viraday has really worked wel...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Will it ever get better

I just started taking atroiza and it has been 3 days I feel so dizzy and am a student today I felt so tired too and sleepy.I did not do much .eish when will this pills get use to me.will this dizziness ever go away.what can I do to easy this up.if yo...

By Keith Henry, M.D.

Depress due to Efavirenz content

Dear Doc, I have been on meds for around 1 year, CD4 750, undetectable, I shd be happy and I am confortable with the 1 pill/day Atripla (generic). However, it has been 1 year plus, I still have some problem with my mind, hardly focus on work, can't c...

By Keith Henry, M.D.