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I Found Love (and Love of Self) After HIV, and You Can Too

In his first time writing publicly about his HIV status, Aaron Anderson details how he learned to love after being diagnosed with HIV.

By Aaron Anderson

The Blessing of Desperation: My Journey to Reduce Stress After My HIV Diagnosis

"My message to you, this and every World AIDS Day, is please do your best to learn from our experiences so you are not doomed to repeat them," Reggie Smith writes. "If you have contracted HIV, change the things that you can to create as much of a str...

By Reggie Smith

Black Men and HIV: Talk About It!

"It's sad that we have to jump up and holler to be recognized 30 years into this epidemic," writes Corrie Franks about being a heterosexual man with HIV.

By Corrie Franks for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America

Which Black Lives Matter? 2015 U.S. Conference on AIDS Informs, Inspires and Reminds: A Blog Entry by Reggie Smith

Blogger Reggie Smith decries the lack of focus on experiences of heterosexual black men at the U.S.'s largest HIV community meeting.

By Reggie Smith

Getting Heterosexual Black Men Involved in HIV Prevention, Part 1

When we discuss the HIV/AIDS epidemic in black America, heterosexual men are often missing from the conversation. But in order to fully address this epidemic head on, this forgotten demographic must be included. Here's how we bridge the gap.

By Kellee Terrell

When You Know Better, You Do Better, Part 3

I want to start an organization to save my life.

If whales, snails, Chrysler and Nixon can be saved, the lives of Black men are priceless and must be saved.

-- Essex Hemphill

By Phill Wilson for The Black AIDS Institute

Greg Braxton: A Long Journey to Recovery

With a 27-year history of drinking, using drugs and sleeping with hundreds of women, Greg Braxton's AIDS diagnosis in 1994 came as no surprise. He'd blown through a string of careers because of his addictions: steel mill worker, Chicago police offi...