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The Positive Workplace: Managing HIV at Work

Is Your Workplace Ready to Respond to HIV/AIDS?

It is estimated that 1 in 300 individuals in the United States is infected with HIV. When your employee discloses that he or she is HIV positive, will you know how to respond in a manner that is legal,...

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What About My Rights?

What About My Rights? addresses employers, employees living with HIV and co-workers. Guidelines include each group's rights and responsibilities, as well as helpful information on applying the Americans with Disabilities Act to an employee with HIV/A...

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HIV Disclosure in the Workplace: It's Not a Matter of Opinion!

Questioners frequently write in to prepare for classroom assignments on whether an HIV positive person should have to disclose his/her HIV status to an employer. I would love to chat with the instructors who assign this question/debate topic/research...

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Americans With Disabilities Act

Americans With Disabilities Act

Effective July '92 for employers of 25 or more Effective July '94 for employers of 15 or more


Builds on protections of Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Civil Rights Act of 1964

Definition of a Di...