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Sexual Abuse & Trauma

Dangerous Liaisons: Rape and HIV

Pink flowers floating the pool, blossoms opening in love. In a ritual for women of the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America, a hollow is made in the earth and a woman bathes there naked in water up to her breasts. Other women cover the surface of the...

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The Silence Not as Powerful in Sweden

A few people were asked, "What comes to mind when Sweden is mentioned?" ABBA, social welfare programs, pornography, and Ingmar Bergman films were the answers. HIV is not something that people associate with Sweden. Actually, two of the things mention...

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Jairo Pedraza on HIV in Latin America

There's so much to be done, and time is of the essence when dealing with HIV. Jairo Pedraza is not one to waste precious time. He works passionately, tirelessly, and globally to turn the tide against the disease. Body Positive was fortunate to get on...

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Teleconference on Mandatory Reporting and Partner Notification

Catherine HanssensDennis LevyDerek Link

One of the heated debates currently raging in the HIV community concerns the need for establishing a system of tracking HIV infection. The existing surveillance system, designed in 1983, counts only those peop...

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Personal Stories

We Are Family: Living With Hemophilia and HIV

Valerie Michele Hoskins is editor of Body Positive, and is a consultant who specializes in providing electronic and print publishing services to not-for-profits.

Body Positive:Can you talk a bit about some of the issues facing people living with h...