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Vitamins & Supplements

Homeopathy: Real Medicine or Empty Promises?

Some of the medicines of homeopathy evoke positive images -- chamomile, marigold, daisy, onion. But even some of Mother Nature's cruelest creations -- poison ivy, mercury, arsenic, pit viper venom, hemlock -- are part of homeopathic care.


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Making It Easier to Read Prescriptions

Sig: I tab po qid pc & hs

Unless you have a medical background, that bunch of letters probably looks like gobbledygook. In fact, it's several abbreviations for Latin terms used on prescriptions (see chart), in this case telling the pharmacist, "Labe...

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An FDA Guide to Choosing Medical Treatments

Medical treatments come in many shapes and sizes. There are "home remedies" shared among families and friends. There are prescription medicines, available only from a pharmacist, and only when ordered by a physician. There are over-the-counter drugs ...

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Protecting Patients and Professionals From Blood-Borne Diseases

Concern about transmission of AIDS and other blood-borne diseases during medical and dental treatment was heightened recently when a study found that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can survive in dental tools that are not heat-sterilized.


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Seafood Safety

This article is to inform people with immune disorders of the hazards they face if they eat raw molluscan shellfish: oysters, mussels, clams, and whole scallops. The article also contains useful information about safe handling and consumption of seaf...

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Quackery and AIDS

Double, double toil and trouble;Fire burn and cauldron bubble.Eye of newt, and toe of frog,Wool of bat, and tongue of dog.--William Shakespeare

Defrauding the Desperate

The art of quackery has always kept pace with the science of medicine, and it h...