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Home-Use Tests for HIV Can Be Inaccurate, FTC Warns

If you've tested yourself at home for HIV -- Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the virus that causes AIDS -- you may want to do it again. According to the Federal Trade Commission, some home-use test kits can give users false information about their HIV ...

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Health Coverage

Generic Drugs: Saving Money at the Pharmacy

Prescription drugs can be a costly medical expense, especially for older people and those who are chronically ill. However, each state has a law that lets pharmacists substitute less expensive generic drugs for many brand-name products. Depending on ...

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Fraudulent Health Claims: Don't Be Fooled

Billions of consumer dollars are wasted on unproven, fraudulently marketed, and sometimes useless health care products and treatments. In addition to wasting their money, consumers with serious medical problems may be wasting valuable time before the...