Tree Alexander

Tree Alexander, born in Chicago, Illinois, now living in Brooklyn, New York. HIV-positive AIDS activist and Case Worker. "I am the change I wish to see." Motivational speaker and youth advocate. Tree's target is to empower the youth and reduce stigma. Tree found out his HIV status one month after he turned 20 and HIV has changed his life completely. Tree travels and tell his story, letting people know that if we continue to conceal and fear this disease, we shall never overcome.

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Stress No More: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

Do you know how to identify and to eliminate stressors from your life? Our blogger Tree Alexander has some tips.

By Tree Alexander

Positive and Undetectable

"Did we expect him to be shy about being positive? Does anyone ever talk about being 'undetectable'?"

By Tree Alexander

Discovering Me: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

"They say a single event can awaken within us a stranger, totally unknown to us. That's just what happened to me. A serious reality check broke the slump I was in, and I have come to see so many things that I left for neglect."

By Tree Alexander

A Year of Hard Lessons -- And a Merry New Year: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

"You name it, I had an excuse. I blamed everything and everyone under the sun for why I couldn't do this or haven't done that. Nothing was my fault or my responsibility. This was hard to see, and even harder to finally admit."

By Tree Alexander

Our Pride. Our Community. Our Movement. A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

In AIDS activist Tree Alexander's eyes, LGBT equality -- and the equality of any oppressed community -- is not just about achieving basic rights, but about changing the way that society defines that community. "Let's take the time to explore how we h...

By Tree Alexander

To Tell the Truth: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

Every Pride season I think back to when I first came out to my mother. I was out to my friends and a few family members that were my age, and that was it. This experience was nothing like I expected it to be.

I was 13 years old. It was a day like an...

By Tree Alexander

Enclosed by Disclosure: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

Should we disclose 100 percent of the time?

In the HIV community disclosure is a controversial topic right now. "Tell. Tell. Tell," they say. I feel before we can tell our status we must consider three things: Why am I telling, who am I telling and ...

By Tree Alexander

Do I Have Poz Pride? A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

I speak out every day about my HIV status. I tell a large number of people my story. I want them to know my name and of my many experiences. Some people thank me. Others despise my exposure. They tell me it's no one's business but my own, what I have...

By Tree Alexander

A Change Like No Other: A Blog Entry by Tree Alexander

My name is Tree Alexander, born in Chicago, Illinois. I have lived in NYC for almost two years after moving here for a relationship. In that short time I have experienced a deranged partner in a domestic violence relationship, homelessness with hunge...

By Tree Alexander