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George Ayala

The Alternative 2020 AIDS Conference Is Definitely Happening in Mexico City. Organizer George Ayala Tells Us More About It.

"HIV 2020: Community Reclaiming the Global Response" will be held in Mexico City concurrent with the first two days of the traditional AIDS 2020 conference in the Bay Area.

ON POINT! (left to right) Flynn, Benjamin, and Davis at last year's birddog Trump tax policy protests in D.C.

With the House of Representatives Now in Democratic Hands, Here's What the Birddog Nation Activists Have Planned for Health Care in 2019

The activists have big plans for using their techniques to pressure the new Congress into inching toward universal health care in the years ahead.


Crystal Meth, Gay Men, and Trans Women of Color Was the Topic at Last Week's Harlem Forum

At a recent public forum an array of public health experts, researchers, and community activists took the stage to discuss ways to combat inroads that crystal meth has made among gay men and trans women of color in New York City in recent years.

Patient and doctor consultation

New York State May Soon Finally Eliminate Explicit Consent From HIV Testing in Care Settings

"It appears that most of the HIV advocacy community in New York City and the state at large now agree that the current law still obstructs testing for health providers," Tim Murphy writes.

Marcelo Maia

Crystal Meth Use and Treatment Options for Black, Latinx Gay and Bi Men: The Focus of Nov. 29 Forum in NYC

Marcelo Maia discusses an upcoming forum organized by ACT UP's Crystal Meth Working Group to provide more information about the party drug's effects on the brain and treatment options for reducing or stopping use.

Campaign for New York Health protesters
Health Coverage

Watch These Universal Health Care Activists Disrupt Industry Execs at a New York Lunch

Advocates for single-payer health care in New York protested at a conference for executives from the state's various private insurers, which the New York Health Act (NYHA), the single-payer bill in question, would put out of business.

Kevin Deese Is Fighting the Military on Its HIV Ban Img
Military Personnel

Kevin Deese Is Fighting the Military on Its HIV Ban

Deese discusses how his ordeal unfolded and why he's determined to fight for his rightful place in the military.

Mark Hannay with disability rights activist Nadina LaSpina

What Do the Midterm Election Results Mean for Health Care and People Living With HIV?

Congress is divided, and all sorts of new possibilities are in play. What does it all mean for folks living with HIV, and for health care generally? We chatted with veteran activist Mark Hannay to find out.

White House behind fence

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Freak Out (Yet) Over the Trump Transgender Memo

Trans people living with HIV may be wondering what this latest Trump administration attack on LGBTQ people and health care might mean for them down the line.

Promo Image

Ten Trans Folks Talk About Their Health Care Priorities

TheBody asked participants at the 8th Annual Conference on Transgender Health what they had found to be the most important aspect of their own trans health care journey.