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You Up? This Public-Health Partner to Hookup Apps Sure Hopes So

Building Healthy Online Communities shows platforms like Grindr and Daddyhunt how to help users maintain sexual health.

Disclosing One's HIV Status Is Still Hard, Even for People Who Work in HIV Img
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Disclosing One's HIV Status Is Still Hard, Even for People Who Work in HIV

"As people with HIV, we're always making and remaking this decision around disclosure."

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Eight HIV-Positive Folks Talk (Anonymously) About Why They Stay in the HIV Closet

Disclosing one’s HIV status in the workplace or in traditional and social media can have its pros and cons. It can make us feel freer and more empowered and help reduce societal HIV stigma – but in many places, it can still put us at risk for discrimina...

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California's Former ADAP Contractor Faces Lawsuit for an HIV Privacy Breach

The confidential medical records of at least 93 low-income Californians living with HIV were compromised, the suit alleges.

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A Cheaper Alternative to Truvada Is Hitting the Market: Here's Why It Might Not Lower Costs

Barring the unlikely event that a U.S. entity puts time and money into comparative trials, Cimduo can't cut into the PrEP portion of the Truvada market.

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Some Health Plans Are No Longer Counting Gilead's PrEP Copay Cards Toward Deductibles

Some private insurance plans are not counting copay assistance cards toward a person's deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. Depending on the plan design, this can have a significant impact on consumers.

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In the Era of Daily PrEP, Feds May Stop Research Funding Gels, Rings, and Douches for HIV Prevention

The effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis has played a role in diverting U.S. funding from microbicide research.

Rajani Gudlavalleti and colleagues

San Francisco Will Be First U.S. City With Legal Injection Site to Prevent Opioid Overdoses; Others Scramble to Follow

Even as overdose deaths surge, the movement for "safe consumption" sites remains fraught with challenges.

Seema Verma and Donald Trump

What Medicaid Work Requirements Might Mean for People With HIV

These and other rules show that many states, urged on by Trump, are trying to push people off their coverage.