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Universal Health Care and Prescription Drug Pricing Img

Universal Health Care and Prescription Drug Pricing

Reining in prescription drug prices isn't so much a potential benefit of universal health care, but rather a factor in its affordability and success.

Greed and the Necessity for Regulation Img
News Analysis

Greed and the Necessity for Regulation

"The story of U.S. drug pricing run amok isn't just about corporate arrogance and avarice -- it is also about government permissiveness and inaction," write Tim Horn, Erica Lessem and Kenyon Farrow.

Engagement in Care: A Final Frontier of HIV Medicine Img

Engagement in Care: A Final Frontier of HIV Medicine

"Viral load suppression remains the holy grail of HIV care," but "far too many people living with HIV aren't accessing the care they need," writes Tim Horn for Treatment Action Group.

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HIV-Related Cancers in the Age of HAART

Over the past ten years, an incredible amount of progress has been made in the management of cancers associated with HIV. Not surprisingly, highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has had the most significant impact, not only in bringing down th...

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Anti-HIV Drugs in Early Development

The anti-HIV drug development pipeline is like a crystal ball: it is filled with an abundance of hope, surprises, and disappointments. Unfortunately, we are still very much dependent on the predictions of the crystal ball. All of the currently availa...

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How Your Body Processes the Drugs You Take: A Pharmacokinetics Primer

When it comes to developing new HIV medications -- and understanding how best to use those we already have available -- everyone is familiar with the importance of clinical trials. These studies provide us with important data about a drug's (or com...

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Substance Use

Much Ado About Meth

"Huge Sale! Buy Crystal, Get HIV Free." This was the text of a provocative ad that appeared on Verizon phone booths in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City in January 2004. The ads were conceived and paid for by Peter Staley, a longtime AIDS act...

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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C: A Serious Threat

What Is HCV?

HCV is a virus, like HIV. It can damage the liver and is the number one reason for liver transplants in the U.S. About 4 million Americans carry this virus, and most of them do not know it.

Do You Have HCV?

Only blood tests, ordered b...

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About the Liver and Hepatitis

About the Liver and Hepatitis

The Liver and Its Many Functions

The liver is the largest organ in the human body. Approximately the size of a football, it is located in the upper right part of the abdomen.

We can't live without a functioning liver...

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Understanding Your Lab Results

Table of Contents

Everyone Needs Lab Tests Blood Tests Hematology Tests Blood Chemistry Tests Microbiological Tests HIV-Specific Tests Sample Laboratory Report Credits

Everyone Needs Lab Tests

If you are living with HIV, lab tests a...