Tiffany Marrero

Tiffany Marrero is a sex-positive advocate using her lived experience as a black, queer, cisgender millennial woman living with HIV to work with, and on behalf of, other people in her community. Tiffany has earned her bachelor's degree in social work (B.S.W.) from Florida Gulf Coast University and currently resides in Broward County, Florida.

Categories Covered:Disclosing Your HIV Status, HIV Stigma and Discrimination

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HIV Activism Without Pleasure and Healing: Leave It in 2018

Tiffany Marerro reflects on a year of activism and honors those who came before her.

By Tiffany Marrero

Didn't Attend USCA 2018? Here's What You Missed -- and Why You Should Attend Next Year

Tiffany Marrero and Giuliani Alvarenga discuss some of the highlights from the conference, some of the people they met, and what it's like doing this work as two young HIV-positive activists of color.

By Giuliani Alvarenga and Tiffany Marrero

Becoming My Mother's Child: Afro-Latina and Living With HIV

"In my dreams, I believe she tried as hard as she could to make it right," Tiffany Marrero writes about her mother she never knew. "By naming me, it proves to me that she in her own way tried to tell me she loved me."

By Tiffany Marrero

As a Woman With HIV, I Make My Sex Partners Sign a Disclosure Contract: Here's Why

"My contracts were created not out of my own preferences but birthed from ignorant prejudice, old-school rhetoric, and criminal laws that I've needed to navigate while living with HIV," Tiffany Marrero writes.

By Tiffany Marrero