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Military Personnel

Money Matters: Forgotten Benefits for Forgotten Men and Women

The following is an updated version of an article that appeared in Body Positive in October 1997.

Fans of movie musicals may recall Joan Blondell belting out "Remember My Forgotten Man" against a moving tableau of World War I doughboys in Busby Berk...

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It's Not All HOPWA!

When it comes to paying the rent -- or even finding an affordable place to live in the first pace -- people with AIDS and those who work with them automatically think "HOPWA!" Too often, though, it's the only thing we think of.

HOPWA is the Housing ...

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More Money From Social Security

$Under newly announced 1999 income eligibility levels, you may be entitled to an extra $45.50 monthly in Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, if you've survived the two-year wait for Medicare, and possibly to such medical benefits as covera...

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Military Personnel

VA Benefits: Forgotten Resources for Forgotten People

The VA's Disability Rule

"...(for purposes of a pension and 100% compensation)...HIV-related Illness...(is)...AIDS with recurrent opportunistic infection or with secondary diseases afflicting multiple body systems; HIV-related illness with debility ...