Thomas DeLorenzo

Until just a few years ago, Thomas DeLorenzo never would have believed he could become an HIV/AIDS activist. Before he was "officially" diagnosed with HIV in 2001 -- with 60 T cells and a viral load of 300,000 -- DeLorenzo had been living in denial. And until 2006, he was too busy dealing with the many side effects of his own HIV meds to think about helping anyone else. Then he and his doctors finally figured out the perfect med combo -- and, finally, DeLorenzo felt that he actually had a future.

DeLorenzo lives in Los Angeles with his partner and is currently attending law school at Southwestern University School of Law. His career goals include making sure all Americans have access to adequate and affordable health care. Prior to law school, DeLorenzo worked as a publicist in the entertainment industry, representing many award-winning celebrities.

In 2006, The New York Times named him an Unsung Hero in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS for his Christmas Goody Bag Project for the residents of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation Hospice. In 2008, DeLorenzo was the San Antonio AIDS Foundation's Angel of the Year. DeLorenzo's alma mater, Hofstra University, named him Alumnus of the Month in August 2009 for his work on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS. DeLorenzo was recently appointed to the City of West Hollywood's Disabilities Advisory Board.

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"I left Hollywood because of all of the social ills it attempts to address at those big awards dinners but really doesn't make a dent in. I left Hollywood because people need health care way before they need an Oscar."

By Thomas DeLorenzo

The Berlin Patient: Man or Superman? A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

"[T]he Berlin Patient lives in all of us. It is in the very quiet moments, the moments when we tell our doctors that no, we don't want to try another drug for fear of what it will do to our bodies, but yet we somehow find the strength to give it a ch...

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Fight On and Fight Loud: A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

"I am about to complete my first year of law school, a hurdle I thought almost unachievable a few years back. Congratulations to all of us, for getting through another day, and being here to fight the fight."

By Thomas DeLorenzo

Thank You, Bonnie Goldman, for Giving Me My Life: A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

I didn't know Bonnie Goldman for a very long time, nor did I have many contacts with her in person. That being said, these few times we did interact, she was nothing short of a force of nature on my life. Sometimes we get lucky and meet that person w...

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Secretary Clinton, Can We Take Care of the Americans With AIDS First? A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

For our World AIDS Day 2011 section, we wanted to capture the diversity of the AIDS community. So, we reached out to people across the world -- regular contributors and those who have never written for us before -- and asked them to guest blog. These...

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Life's Derailment Is Not Life's Denial: A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

"On Aug. 11, my journey to take on the insurance companies and help bring about our long overdue health care reform began. Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles would become my launching pad. Like the rest of my life, it is filled with unexpected di...

By Thomas DeLorenzo

If AIDS Is Only 30, Why Do I Feel So Very Old? A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

"How would I celebrate AIDS at 30 if I could? ... In spite of this virus that lurks in my body, I am capable of many great things. Don't prejudge me just because I get to work harder at staying on this planet than you do. If you need to, give me some...

By Thomas DeLorenzo

Why "the Gays" Need Planned Parenthood Too: A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

"Planned Parenthood is much more than abortions. It teaches us to become responsible, sexually active adults. It educates us to have healthy, fulfilling relationships that produce healthy children that grow up to be adults," writes blogger Thomas DeL...

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Is There a Line in the Health Care Reform That Promises a Cure for AIDS? A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

This article originally appeared at

Have you seen my cure?

"Do not go gentle into that good night," wrote Dylan Thomas. That seems to be the prevailing subtext of the 2010 HIV Research Catalyst Forum. From April 20th until April...

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Back From the Brink: A Blog Entry by Thomas DeLorenzo

I was not always this outspoken with my status. In fact, in the beginning, I was incredibly fearful. I knew I had AIDS well before the doctors made it official. I was living in denial not stupidity. I knew that when you lose as much weight as I did a...

By Thomas DeLorenzo