Theodore Kerr

Theodore Kerr is a writer, educator, and organizer. He recently edited an issue of On Curating entitled, “What You Don’t Know About AIDS Could Fill A Museum.” He is a founding member of the What Would an HIV Doula Do? collective. His writing has appeared in The Village Voice, The Advocate, POZ, Women’s Studies Quarterly, and Drain.

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Kneeshe Parkinson credit Katherine Simóne Reynolds

This St. Louis–Based HIV Activist Uses Her Own Story to Make HIV Have ‘Meaning Behind the Numbers’

Positive Women’s Network-USA member and founder of Kneeshe Speaks, Kneeshe Parkinson, talks about the importance of connection, women, and telling our stories.

By Theodore Kerr
Joan R. Ferguson credit Katherine Simóne Reynolds

One of the Early ‘Foot Soldiers’ of HIV Activism Discusses Mobilizing in Black St. Louis

St. Louis–based advocate and educator Joan Ferguson talks about HIV work then and now.

By Theodore Kerr
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After Losing a Mother and Two Sisters From HIV, This Woman Became an Advocate for Others

“I’ve walked beside them, so I can recognize the struggles, and maybe I can help make the walk easier.”

By Theodore Kerr
LOIS CONLEY credit Katherine Simóne Reynolds

This Black Museum Leader Is Using Art and Storytelling to Uncover St. Louis’ HIV History

“I want our stories told, even though I know that not all of them are great or are about uplift and accomplishments.”

By Theodore Kerr
The Social Art Practice of Jessica Whitbread Img
Personal Stories

The Social Art Practice of Jessica Whitbread

Jessica Whitbread's bold art deals with the social realities of being a queer woman living with HIV, and she often collaborates with other HIV-positive women to start important conversations.

By Theodore Kerr for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange