The Well Project

The Well Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a unique and comprehensive focus on women and girls. Since its founding in 2002 by leading HIV activist Dawn Averitt, The Well Project has become a recognized leader in the fight against HIV, leveraging technology to improve health outcomes and increase the quality of life for women and girls living with HIV. We achieve this by expanding access to HIV information, improving health literacy and education; providing community support and advocacy development; and advancing the research agenda through the following programs. includes:

  • HIV Information: Over 100 articles on topics related to HIV and women, regularly updated and reviewed by treating providers; written at a 7th-9th grade reading level
  • A Girl Like Me: A blog where women living with HIV share experiences and engage in an online support community and global network
  • Get Connected: Includes social features such as member chat, forums, and groups to increase interaction among women living with HIV

HIV Treatment Advocacy and Leadership Development

The Well Project sponsors educational webinars and hosts HIV treatment advocacy and leadership development training for women living with HIV.

## Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI)

Established in 2003 to elevate, enhance, and expedite HIV treatment and prevention research on women and girls, and to identify gaps in clinical care and research.

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The Well Project relies on the generosity of individual donors, private foundations, and corporations to fund our programs and initiatives. With your support we can continue to provide access to life-saving information and a trusted support community, build a platform for advocacy and leadership development for women living with HIV, inform research for new treatments, promote better standards of care, and further public awareness. Please look here to find out more about why and how you can help.

How to Reach the Well Project

Phone: 1.888.616.WELL (9355)

Latest by The Well Project

A Year of Lessons, and by Far the Hardest Year of My Existence

"I can't wait to start the year and optimistic that all of these trials were learning lessons," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Can I Breastfeed While Living With HIV? An Overview of Infant Feeding Options

For those who may want to explore breastfeeding as an option, the information available to mothers living with HIV can be confusing.

By The Well Project

Long-Term Survivors of HIV

Due to longer survival with HIV, the percentage of older adults living with HIV is increasing in all regions of the world. Get the facts about long-term survivors.

By The Well Project

Why My Ex and Best Friend Li and I Broke Up After 10 Years Together and Married Legally

In this sad tale of immigration, HIV, and the insurmountable hurdles involved, Maria Mejia recounts the end of her marriage.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Considerations Before Starting HIV Treatment

Table of Contents

Preparing for HIV Treatment Starting Sooner Rather Than Later The Right Health Care Provider Knowledge About HIV A Positive Attitude

Preparing for HIV Treatment

Are you living with HIV (HIV+)? If so, treatment with HIV dr...

By The Well Project

Menopause and HIV

Table of Contents

What Is Menopause? Symptoms and Conditions Related to Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Alternative Treatments Keeping Healthy After Menopause Taking Care of Yourself

What Is Menopause?

Menopause is a normal p...

By The Well Project

Aging and HIV

The number of older women living with HIV is growing. Read about aging with HIV, aging-related health challenges, stigma and support, and more.

By The Well Project

Older Women: At Risk for HIV

Table of Contents

Introduction Older Women: An Overlooked Group What to Do? Older Women Living With HIV


UNAIDS estimates that 4.2 million older adults (age 50 and over) are living with HIV (HIV+) worldwide; of these, a little ov...

By The Well Project

Transgender Women Living With HIV

Transgender women are affected by HIV to a much greater degree than other groups. Despite bearing such a high burden of HIV, they have been historically underserved as part of the response to the HIV pandemic.

By The Well Project

Overview of AIDS 2018

The Well Project provides a rundown of their own presentations at the International AIDS Conference as well as highlights from other presenters.

By Krista Martel, Jenna Conley and Sarah Denison-Johnston for The Well Project