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Hivid (Zalcitabine)

Hivid is supplied in 0.750 mg tablets (shown) that are oval, gray, film-coated and imprinted with "HIVID 0.750" on one side and "Roche" on the other side. The drug is also supplied in 0.375 mg tablets that are oval, beige, film-coated and imprinted w...

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Kaletra (Lopinavir/Ritonavir)

Kaletra tablets are light yellow-orange with the Abbott corporate logo and "KA" engraved on one side. Each tablet contains 200 mg of lopinavir and 50 mg of Norvir. A yellow-orange liquid formulation (42.4% alcohol) is also available, which contains 4...

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Retrovir (Zidovudine)

Zidovudine is supplied most commonly in film-coated tablets (300 mg, biconvex, round and white) with "GXCW3" on one side and "300" on the other. The drug also comes in capsules (100 mg), flavored syrup, and an intravenous infusion. Dosing may vary.


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Interactions With HIV Medications: What HIV-Positive People Should Know

What Are Drug Interactions?HIV treatment usually involves 3 or more medications taken in combination. HIV+ people may also take additional meds to treat opportunistic infections (OIs) and other conditions associated with HIV/AIDS, or to manage drug s...

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Stopping Medications in an Emergency: A Guide for HIV-Positive People

What should I do if I have been through an emergency situation, such as a hurricane, fire, or earthquake?

Anyone who has been through an emergency situation, been exposed to flood waters or contaminated air or water, been forced to evacuate, etc. sh...

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Zerit (Stavudine)

Zerit is supplied in 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg and 40 mg capsules, and as an oral solution. A new, extended-release formulation, "Zerit XR," can be taken just once per day. The regular 40-mg capsule (shown) is dark orange and imprinted with "BMS 1967" and ...

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Videx (Didanosine)

Videx tablets (above left) are round and off-white to pale yellow-orange, with "Videx" on one side and the tablet strength on the other side. Videx EC (above right) is an enteric-coated, white capsule labeled with "BMS 400 mg" and "6674" in red. The ...

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Viracept (Nelfinavir)

Viracept is supplied as light blue, film-coated, capsule-shaped tablets imprinted with "VIRACEPT" on one side and "250 mg" on the other (top). To reduce pill burden, the drug is also available as a 625-mg tablet (bottom). Viracept is also available i...

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Viramune (Nevirapine)

Viramune is supplied in 200 mg tablets that are white, oval and biconvex. One side is embossed with "54 193," with a single-line bisect separating them. The opposite side has a single-line bisect. Other dose formulations of Viramune are available. Do...

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Sustiva (Efavirenz)

The 200-mg capsules of Sustiva are gold-colored, reverse-printed with "SUSTIVA" on the body and imprinted with "200 mg" on the cap. Other dose formulations, including a single 600-mg capsule, are available.

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