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Test Positive Aware Network

Our Mission

Saving lives and empowering those affected by HIV/AIDS and related illnesses.

Our Vision

TPAN envisions a world positively aware of HIV/AIDS and related illnesses.

Our Values

On behalf of those affected by HIV/AIDS and related illnesses, TPAN strives to:

  • Empower individuals to navigate their lives by providing tools, resources and support;
  • Adapt to the changing needs of the community;
  • Support a sex-positive environment by affirming sexuality as an integral part of being human;
  • Include everyone by embracing differences and creating community;
  • Excel in delivering quality programs, advocacy, and ending stigma;
  • Respect others through honest, open, and supportive communication.

How to Reach TPAN

Test Positive Aware Network
5050 N. Broadway St., Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: 773.989.9400
Fax: 773.989.9494

Latest by Test Positive Aware Network

We're Still Here: Documentary Tells the Stories of Young People Born With HIV
Personal Stories

We're Still Here: Documentary Tells the Stories of Young People Born With HIV

"We were trying to make sense of it all before we could even fully develop into who we were as people ... and these experiences have shaped our lives for better or for worse," says filmmaker Grissel Granados in a voiceover for We're Still Here, a s...

HIV Is Not a Crime National Training Academy

HIV Is Not a Crime: Building a Movement

By the time advocates came together for the second HIV Is Not a Crime gathering in Huntsville, Alabama, they were celebrating the Colorado Mod Squad's victory in the Colorado legislature -- the second such win in the nation.

Accessing Hepatitis C Medications Img
Hepatitis C

Accessing Hepatitis C Medications

There are often multiple steps you, your medical provider, and even your pharmacist might have to go through in order to get your hepatitis C treatment.

After the Hepatitis C Cure: Post-Treatment Care Img
Hepatitis C

After the Hepatitis C Cure: Post-Treatment Care

Although a hepatitis C cure almost always results in improved liver health, there are some important post-cure considerations for healthy living.

Which HCV Treatment Is Right for Me? Img
Hepatitis C

Which HCV Treatment Is Right for Me?

Five years ago, the list of hepatitis C (HCV) treatment options would have been very short. We now have seven FDA approved direct acting antivirals (DAAs), as well as ribavirin, for treating all HCV genotypes. With so many options, there can be confu...

candle and flower
Death & Mourning

Planning Ahead: Making the Best Decisions for the End of Life

"Although it may be hard to think about having to plan for the end of your life, it's better to endure the uncomfortable moments way in advance, while these decisions are still yours to make," writes David Duran.

man in tunnel

Alone Time: Two Long-Term Survivors Discuss the Risks of Social Isolation

A conversation with Gina Brown, M.S.W., and David Fawcett, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., about the ways older adults living with HIV find themselves socially isolated, and what can be done about it.

gear icons

All Systems GO: Three Organ Systems Affected by Aging, Medications and HIV

This brief overview looks at diseases in three organ systems with an overlap between aging and HIV that are most commonly of concern to older people with HIV.

falling leaves

Hell in a Hot Flash? Facts and Perspectives on Menopause and HIV

"No matter how you choose to manage your perimenopause symptoms, know that life even with a hot flash is worth living," Rae Lewis-Thornton writes. "I'm a living witness, having lived with HIV for 33 years."

Credit: Hilch for iStock via Thinkstock

A Success Story in HIV Linkage to Care and Retention

"What are the barriers that might prevent people to be linked and retained in care?" Kathleen Jacobs-McLoyd writes. "There are many barriers, and the solutions to these have to be numerous as well."