Teniecka Drake

Since her HIV diagnosis in 2001 -- and her marriage, and the recent births of her three children -- Teniecka really has been taking life for more fun! She's spoken nationally about living with HIV, been in Ebony Magazine, and now she's blogging to encourage other HIV-positive people in times when they might need a boost.

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Do Not Lose Yourself to Your Circumstances: A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"While being HIV positive is not the only challenge in life we face, it does help put things into perspective sometimes," Teniecka Drake writes.

By Teniecka Drake

Trying to Find the Ups, When All You See Are the Downs: A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"If life has got you down, grow through the circumstance, do not just go through it."

By Teniecka Drake

Taking Medication When It Is Not Always Convenient: A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"I understand all too well the extreme importance of taking these meds. I wanted to write for those people that feel there is no time to take them."

By Teniecka Drake

37 Weeks: Baby Coming in 4 Days! A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"I am excited, nervous and anxious -- a little bit of everything. When she arrives all of those feelings will go away. I still have some vomiting spells occasionally, and not due to my medication. My baby sometimes likes to be quite picky with my foo...

By Teniecka Drake

31 Weeks Pregnant and Climbing: A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"I did have an ultrasound in the very beginning of December. I finally know what I am having now. We are going to have another little girl!! I am thrilled and just happy I know now instead of wondering what the gender is going to be."

By Teniecka Drake

Pregnancy at 23 Weeks! A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

It has been a little bit since I wrote, but I have a lot to tell. My mysterious absence is due to a couple things. The first is I am moving and have been going back and forth between two states. The transition is a process within itself, so that is o...

By Teniecka Drake

Expecting Number Four! A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

Follow along as blogger Teniecka Drake recounts her fourth pregnancy while living with HIV, and she and her family prepare for the new arrival. "Of course, having gone through this three times previously I should know what to expect, right? Wrong!" s...

By Teniecka Drake

Let the Haters Hate!!! A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"It is one thing to have to wake up every day and deal with being HIV+. It is quite another issue to have to deal with a hater. ... Recently, I have been wondering about friends and people who I have known for years. It struck me that there are some ...

By Teniecka Drake

Finding Strength After Adversity: A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

"I used to always tell my then-fiancé, now husband, that I was defective. Thinking, as a defective, broken human being, that I was not worthy of love or anything good. That is not true at all!"

By Teniecka Drake

Secrets Are Not Always Worth Keeping: A Blog Entry by Teniecka Drake

Why do people sometimes keep secrets? I was talking to a dear friend of mine. There was a dilemma that we discussed. Most of the dilemma revolved around secrets and dishonesty. Going through that myself really made me think: Why keep secrets?


By Teniecka Drake