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As HIV Activists in the Age of Trump, We Need to Look Beyond the Gay Paradigm

The story of HIV is overly narrow within many circles, says Ted Kerr. "In the dim light of a Trump administration, this mistake will compound our problems," he warns.

By Ted Kerr

Erasing Black AIDS Histories

With chants and decals broadcasting the message "Stop Erasing Black People," the Tacoma Action Collective protested the "Art AIDS America" exhibition, demanding greater black representation for its national tour.

By Ted Kerr for The New Inquiry

New York's Plan to End AIDS Full of Innovation, if You Look

New York state's plan to end the HIV epidemic can be a hard read to get through, but at the end, there's a pretty transformative set of goals, writes Ted Kerr.

By Ted Kerr

Forgetting ACT UP and Reducing the Past to One Moment

Coming out of an event in New York City, this piece discusses what happens when we continuously remember ACT UP instead of remembering all the activism that happened in the AIDS crisis.

By Ted Kerr for Visual AIDS

Anti-Black Racism Has Been Central to the Structuring of HIV Vulnerability in the U.S. and Globally

Most HIV prevention focuses on reducing or altering minority people's behaviors -- this new book blows that conventional approach away, and puts the fight against racism front and center in the fight against AIDS.

By Ted Kerr for Visual AIDS

Can Christian Ethics Take Down Stigma and Bias Against Women With HIV?

Raising awareness is no longer enough, say scholar-activists seeking to draw attention to the ways in which Christian politics of gender and sexuality help to foster the spread of HIV/AIDS.

By Ted Kerr