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Suburban/Rural People

Is Anybody Out There?

Introduction Lowcountry AIDS Services, South Carolina Hope and Help Center of Central Florida Matthew 25, Kentucky Partnership Health Center, Montana AIDS Resource, Pennsylvania Unanimous Voices Opportunities for Low Volume and Non-Ur...

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What's for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)?

What's for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)?   What's for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)?   What's for Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner)?

All your life you've heard it -- "Eat your vegetables or there will be no dessert!"

"Most Americans don't eat...

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Taking the First Steps in the Rest of Your Life

Sue Saltmarsh Okay, so after days, weeks, or months of worrying that you might have been infected with HIV, you've taken your 3-month test and are sitting in a room with a counselor who looks at you with basset-hound eyes and tells you the bad news. ...

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Personal Stories

Evany Turk

Stigma Learn, Learn, Learn Parenting Ideas for Improvement

Evany Turk is an inspiration. Positive for eight years, Evany works as the Program Coordinator for the Positive Adherence Stable Housing Now program at Chicago House and Social Servi...

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The Wholistic Picture: Response Ability

Photo © Russell McGonagle

I started thinking of the issue of lack of response when I was channel surfing a few months back and caught a snippet of Oprah talking about the Katrina victims and then a bit of Charlie Rose discussing the genocide in Darf...

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Treating Grief Like a Bruise in Need of Healing

Sue Saltmarsh

It seems that grief and loss have been abundant lately. Whether it's the devastation of Katrina, deaths in Iraq, the economy, or our corrupt government threatening our accessibility to desperately needed medications, it seems we are fa...

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Taking It on Faith: How Spirituality Can Heal What Meds Aren't Made to Mend

Spirituality is a hot topic these days. It is frequently equated with religious beliefs or upbringing and it's that equation that I question.

I have frequently been touched and inspired by clients who tell me that being diagnosed HIV-positive led th...

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Personal Stories

Voodoo or Valid? Alternative Therapies Benefit Those Living With HIV

"That Voo Doo That You Do" was the sign posted on the wall of the area set aside for the panel discussion that I was taking part in for the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH). Other areas in the large room were set aside for topics that inc...