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Incarcerated People

Phyllis Anderson

Phyllis Anderson is that rare thing -- you might almost call it a phenomenon -- Phyllis is a native New Yorker. Family and friends, school and work, relationships, marriage -- life's everyday experiences and joys -- Phyllis has had them all here. But...

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Ron Drummond

Ron Drummond

Seated on one end of a couch in a Chelsea apartment he shares with his lover, poet Ron Drummond is wrapping up the interview he's granted Body Positive. Across the room, up a small flight of stairs, his computer monitor glows. To the le...

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Virtual Gallery

Albert J. Winn, Brothers -- Tryptich, 1990, black-and-white gelatin silver print, 16" x 20" each photo

There's something new at That's the Internet address of The Body, the online HIV and AIDS resource and information service and th...

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The Company I Keep

"In my daydream College for Bards ... every student would be required to look after a domestic animal and cultivate a garden plot."

-- W.H. Auden, "The Poet & the City", The Dyer's Hand

imageA few years before I tested HIV-positive or began wri...

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Calling the Ultimate Balance Nutrition Consulting Center

Steven Cordova was diagnosed HIV-positive in mid-1997 and has received individual, face-to-face nutrition counseling. At the request of the author of the accompanying article, he called the Ultimate Balance Nutrition Consulting Center. His reactions ...