Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks is a writer and public health advocate with a background in sexual health and harm reduction. He is based in Washington, D.C.

Categories Covered:Non-HIV Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV Prevention and Transmission, HIV Care Continuum, HIV Treatment Strategies, PrEP (HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), HIV Case Management and Social Work

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Programs Seek to Break Isolation for People Over 50 Living With HIV

"We try to foster connection. We look at civic and social engagement and build community," said the manager of a program based in San Francisco.

By Stephen Hicks

Three Most Recent International AIDS Society Presidents Reflect on the State of Global PrEP Access

Three of the most recent presidents of the International AIDS Society discussed how far we've come in the three years since they jointly wrote an article in The Lancet calling for greater global access to PrEP.

By Stephen Hicks

Despite Protections for People With HIV, Advocates Express Concern With State Medicaid Work and Reporting Waivers

The Trump administration's preconditions for Medicaid coverage are a major shift in how the program has functioned since its inception in 1965.

By Stephen Hicks

AIDS Drug Assistance Programs Must Navigate Costs and Needs of People With HIV

Virginia could possibly serve as a case study in developing innovative strategies to improve health care access in its use of an open "drug formulary."

By Stephen Hicks

Getting an STD Test? Cover Your Bases With Three-Site Testing

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention is HIV prevention, but the inverse doesn't necessarily hold true, and we must clear up any lingering confusion about that.

By Stephen Hicks