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All Systems GO: Three Organ Systems Affected by Aging, Medications and HIV

This brief overview looks at diseases in three organ systems with an overlap between aging and HIV that are most commonly of concern to older people with HIV.

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Dear Doctor, I am 30 Yr old from India. Married for nearly 3 years now. In past I have had sex with a call girl and I did use a condom each time. But had oral sex without condoms sometime. The last un protected sex I had was in June 2002 with my ex g...

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Taking Medication While Crossing Time Zones

Dear Drs: I am currently taking Combivir at 8:30 AM and 8:30 PM, and Sustiva at 10:30 PM. Adherence since starting medication in June this year has been 100%, and I would like to keep up this total adherence. Now that I am well enough to travel, livi...

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False positive after blood donation

Recently, I donated blood, and two weeks later received a letter from the blood center saying that I tested positive on the HIV antibody screening test, but negative on the Western Blot, and negative on the NAT. And therefore, the screening test was ...

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worried about having signs

I am a 42 year old woman.It has been two years since my last HIV test. I just went to the doctor a month ago and was tested for signs of mentapause, all my blood work came back very good. The doctor said that I was in very good health, and my blood w...

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Guidelines for Pap test in HIV+ woman

I have seen conflicting information on scheduling frequency for Pap test. Every 6 months or annually for those with normal results, which is teh recommendation? thank you

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post op hiv+ MTF has question

I would like to know how much of a risk I am to my hiv- boyfriend. He wants to have unprotected sex with me because I don't have normal vaginal lubricating glands (I have to use lubricants)and he seems to think I would be very low risk to give him hi...

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how long does the virus stay in a body before the first signal

how long will the virus stay in ur body before you will start seeing the signs and also what are the first signa.

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Lesbian x HIV

I'm lesbian and I'd like to know which probabilities to acquire HIV/AIDS, keeping sexual relation with other women? Thanks.

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HIV+ and abnormal pap smears

I have had abnormal pap smears for years - had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago and am starting to have abnormal paps again. Is this normal for HIV+ women?