Scott Simpson

Scott Simpson is an HIV+ triathlete, student and inspirational speaker avoiding real work so he can find more time to train and learn. A former party boy, Scott has gone from the fictional national drinking team to the real Canadian national triathlon team and is current provincial long course champion in his age group. Scott is also founder of, and inspiration for, the Race for Dignity, which is both an annual spinathon in Toronto and annual school campus events coordinated by Dignitas Youth chapters. Cumulatively, they have raised almost a million dollars for the medical humanitarian NGO Dignitas International, contributing to over 11,000 people living with HIV/AIDS gaining access to ARVs in Malawi. Scott is currently training for Ironman Louisville 2010.

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Team4HIVHope Shout Out! A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

My buddies on Team4HIVHope are rockin' the road as they race across America on their bikes!

Spare a thought for them as they battle saddle sores, the elements served up by Mother Nature, and the lack of sleep inherent in racing non-stop across the c...

By Scott Simpson

Ironman Louisville Race Report: Never Give Up -- A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

Pre-race recap:

First Ironman: Wisconsin 2004. Sick heading into the race. Couldn't consume calories or fluids during. Woke up in the back of an ambulance after I passed out half way through the bike. Later diagnosed with parasitic infection.


By Scott Simpson

Gay Games Race Report: A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

It has been a whirlwind of racing the past few weeks. I had two races in one of the local race series and had a much improved bike segment and finished fourth in my age group in each race so was feeling a little more confident in my chances of gettin...

By Scott Simpson

I Am a Delicate Flower: A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

"My name is Scott, and I am a delicate flower."

There, I said it. Admitting it is half the battle, right?

OK, so after I was sick for a few days toward the end of May which necessitated a few days of zero / easy training I jumped back into heavy tr...

By Scott Simpson

American Triple T Race Report: Sick Puppy -- A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

For those not in the know, this is 4 races in 3 days and totals just slightly more than the ironman distance. Many folks use it as a training weekend for their ironman race this summer. Some are racing in the team division, but like most, I'm doing t...

By Scott Simpson

The Good News Is ...: A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

"The good news is that we didn't find anything that would make you sick. The bad news is that we didn't find what was making you sick."

So went the beginning of my most recent doctor's appointment. He went on to say that no tumour was found -- whew!...

By Scott Simpson

Ambulance Ride and the Grim Reaper: A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

Well, it has been an up and down week -- physically and emotionally.

When all this started 5+ weeks ago, the most severe symptoms were profound fatigue and feeling very crappy all the time (much to my chagrin, I don't have a better word then crappy)...

By Scott Simpson

Triathlon Is Primal. Night Sweats Are Modern. A Blog Entry by Scott Simpson

The other night I was watching the science show Nova on PBS -- it was about our evolution and how we became bipedal. The theory goes like this: our ancestors succeeded because they had access to meat and fat that allowed our species to grow big brain...

By Scott Simpson