ScotCharles was born in Mineral Wells, Texas. He has been HIV positive since September 1984, and received an AIDS diagnosis in April 2004. He graduated cum laude from Georgia State University in Atlanta, and got his MBA with honors at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He's also a certified public accountant and a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. He's been married to his partner, Jim, for 30 years. ScotCharles' hobbies are gardening and water color painting. He and Jim have a sable tabby cat named Pickles who runs the house. ScotCharles is a retiree and regular poster to's Bulletin Boards.

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Is HIV Viral Undetectability Important? A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"Granted, we the infected no longer die quickly; but, we do develop diseases as a result of the poor control of hidden HIV and the effects of taking anti-HIV meds."

By ScotCharles

Fighting the "Holiday Blues": A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"For many people with HIV/AIDS, this season can be especially bad," writes blogger ScotCharles. Over the years, ScotCharles and his partner have found themselves estranged from family members and coping with the loss of friends to AIDS complications....

By ScotCharles

A Year of Learning and Self Awareness: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"My advice to anyone who is experiencing HIV dementia is to first be in the moment. Do not let the trap of future tripping make you blind to the beauty and potential of the present moment."

By ScotCharles

My Horrific Seven Months: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"I have been careening from one health issue to another and haven't had the strength to write. ... I am probably too fixated on this concern that I have begun to love being ill. But, who doesn't remember the comfort of a nurse visiting you in the lon...

By ScotCharles

Openness: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"It's said that 'When one door closes, another opens.' My viral load has never been as high as it is now. I do not know what will happen. I am open to whatever comes. I am like the bonsai in my garden; the virus has pruned me. I am open and exposed."...

By ScotCharles

Where Was I When HIV First Reared Its Ugly Head? A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"As clear as a bell 30 years later, I remember an announcer and commentator discussing the previous day's CDC report," blogger ScotCharles recalls. "My partner and I were going to a dinner party that Saturday evening; and, it was at that party that I...

By ScotCharles

Took My Chance: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

Long-term HIV survivor ScotCharles returned from his trip to Egypt mere days before the revolution began. Though his health was indeed compromised -- and he was messed with by muggers near the Nile -- "all in all the risk was worth it," he writes. "A...

By ScotCharles

Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Chance: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"Sometimes you have to take the plunge with a calculated risk," ScotCharles writes. And so it is that he sets the stage for his upcoming three-week trip to Egypt -- a journey during which, just like any other day, he'll carry his spectrum of AIDS-rel...

By ScotCharles

Paying Attention: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

"A garden is a patch of the planet that you care take for the next caretaker," writes long-term HIV survivor ScotCharles. "Our attitude about life is very much like a garden. We can ignore it and let it go to dark weeds and tangled vines; or, we can ...

By ScotCharles

Beth: A Blog Entry by ScotCharles

Beth was the most remarkable person I have ever met. I first heard of her in spring 1991 in an article in the Sunday section of the Marin Independent. At the time, I was living with my partner, Jim, in an apartment in Tiburon, California, on the edge...

By ScotCharles