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Latest by Sandra K. Trisdale, Ph.D.

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Loving Yourself to Love Others

Having safer sex reduces risk of HIV infection and reinfection (superinfection). Even though it can be difficult to do, some people insist on only having safer sex for this reason. They are not putting themselves or their partners at risk. And they’r...

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Mixed-Status Couples

One Positive, One Negative: Both Happy

One Positive, One Negative: Both HappyThe technical name is "serodiscordant" relationship. The term many people prefer is "magnetic" -- one HIV-positive partner, one HIV-negative partner. Either way, it's a unique relationship, with special blessings...

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Women, HIV, and Depression

Before you decide that you don't need to read this article, did you know that:

Signs of clinical depression can be mistaken for advancing HIV disease.

Over half of all people with HIV are likely to end up with clinical depression.

Women (HIV+ or H...